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This Official Avengers Live Wallpaper Will Only Distract You For A Minute From …

To a friends overseas: no spoilers! Depending on where we live in a world, you’re possibly entrance down from an Avengers high, or energetically expecting a finish of your four-year wait for this movie. Either way, we could substantially use a small some-more of Marvel’s many famous superheroes of late in your life. So, here. Have an central live wallpaper.

The live wallpaper costs $0.99. We contend this because, nonetheless we can download it for giveaway here, a wallpaper requires an in-app squeeze of 99 cents to clear a heroes. So, unless you’ve been watchful for years to see that honeyed Avengers trademark and a blazing car, this app only costs a buck. As a side note to Cellfish Studios: this is intensely dumb. I’m certain there are copiousness of people peaceful to compensate a dollar for a live wallpaper, and 0 people who would not, though would be peaceful to compensate a dollar to clear pivotal features of a giveaway live wallpaper. Just assign a dollar and be finished with it.

avlwp1 avlwp2 avlwp3

The wallpaper also has surprisingly singular harmony with many devices. Then there’s a scrolling issue. While a images from a Play Store seem to indicate that a wallpaper will scroll, conjunction Artem nor myself were means to get this to work. Hopefully on some other inclination it will.

If you’re one of a propitious ones that this wallpaper works for, and we don’t mind some scrolling issues (or don’t have them on your device), squeeze it from a widget below. And, for we ‘Murricans: 4 days to go!


Cellfish Media reached out to us to let us know that a association has updated a live wallpaper to repair a scrolling issue. However, “fix” is not utterly accurate. Now, in a settings for a live wallpaper, we can name “auto-pan” to make a LWP automatically scroll. With this underline we won’t remove out on a bulk of a characters we spent $0.99 to unlock, however it doesn’t indeed vessel as we swipe. It’s an peculiar fix, though during slightest it’s not clearly broken.

The Avengers Live Wallpaper

Download The Avengers Live Wallpaper from Google Play

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