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This is Lollipop Running on a Galaxy S4

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This morning, a folks over during SamMobile followed adult their leak of an early Lollipop build using on the Galaxy S5, with an early build of Android 5.0 using on a most older, Galaxy S4. Stress should be put on he word “early,” given WIFi apparently doesn’t even work. So, take this for what it is – an early trickle that could change drastically by a time it hits your phone. 

Like a Galaxy S5 build, this still looks really most like Samsung’s TouchWiz, yet a association has once again left forward and given many of their batch apps (Dialer, Clock, etc.) a Material Design makeover. Also like a Galaxy S5 build, a idol set stays aged and stale, as does a close screen, a presentation area stays mostly unchanged, outward of a slight tweak to presentation styling, and there are 1,200 pages of settings for users to flip through.

SamMobile does discuss that this early build seems to be surprisingly quick, though, so maybe instead of updating things like icons, Samsung focused on jank killing. … … Sorry, bad joke. You can’t spell TouchWiz but a letters J-A-N-K.


Via:  SamMobile

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