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This inflatable bike helmet is revolutionising a destiny of travel safety!

At Hövding they flower on a impossible. The brainchild of industrial designers Anna Haupt and Teres Alstin, a Hövdingan airbag for civic cyclists has progressed from an thought to a groundbreaking and approved product! Since it’s source in 2006, a product has been renewed again (and again), and currently it is rated a world’s safest means of conduct insurance for cyclists. But after 4 years of powerful RD, a Swedish association has expelled a third era of airbags: The Hövding 3. Worn around a neck like a collar, it is deliberate to be 8x safer than normal bicycle helmets. In a eventuality of an accident, a airbag inflates and forms a protecting hood around a conduct and neck within 0.1 seconds! The airbag forms a protecting cushioning around a neck, fixating it and providing intensely peaceful startle absorption. The vigour stays consistent for several seconds, enabling a airbag to withstand mixed impacts to a head, during a same accident. Once a pursuit is done, a airbag utterly simply deflates.

And this time around it’s been power-packed with a integrate of updated features. It’s been armed with a Bluetooth connection, amping adult your daily sip of reserve with a bit of tech. The built-in Bluetooth syncs with your smartphone (It is both IOS and Android friendly). It notifies your next-of-kin in a eventuality of an accident, in box we find yourself in a bit of a muddle! The Bluetooth underline will also help to refurbish we when your battery falls dangerously low. And substantially best of all, it capitalizes on your smartphone GPS, in an try to emanate a map that will record where a infancy of bike accidents take place! Who pronounced wireless record was damaging to a health?

So far, they’ve stable over 4000 cyclists in accidents over a years, a series they are immensely unapproachable of. With connectors in over 15 countries, they’ve sole 185,000 of their airbags! Released this month itself The Hövding 3; a safest cycle helmet is now even smarter, and we can't wait to get a hands on it (or heads)!

Designer: Hövding

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