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There are usually dual days left to enter Klipsch European Design Challenge

I go on and on about pattern competitions, though overtly my proclivity as an Industrial Designer myself is truly usually one elementary thing. Seeing my designs interpret into genuine products! There’s no bigger fun than meaningful that your concepts, sketches, pattern directions have shabby a end-design of a product that now sits on display, watchful for people to demeanour during it, tumble in adore with it, and squeeze it. Awards, honestly, are nice, though to a designer, there’s zero some-more rewarding than carrying your ideas help emanate new, pleasing products… and a Klipsch European Design Competition is a good approach to have your ideas form a backdrop of Klipsch’s line of hi-end audio products!

Klipsch is severe industrial/product pattern and engineering students and immature designers underneath 30 from France, a United Kingdom, Spain and Italy to daydream products in their birthright line. Winners are entitled to a money esteem of adult to €5,000, along with a event of bringing change to Klipsch’s pattern instruction with your winning work.

Tapping into immature pattern talent for Klipsch’s Heritage Line is maybe one of a best ways of removing a totally new and redefined viewpoint on a undying collection of products. The hi-fi audio association is looking for immature designers to rise new aesthetics and pattern sum of products that have shaped Klipsch’s 73 year aged legacy. The brief is simple… redesign a outdoor form of a speakers and headphones of tomorrow, with a form denunciation and CMF that one would cruise reward and undying (wood, rose gold, matte black metal, fabric, any CMF that’s regarded as a classic).

The Klipsch birthright line comprises their One and Three wireless speakers, as good as a HP-3 headphones, and a association is looking for uninformed pattern talent to help redefine a company’s code aesthetic. If you’re adult for a Klipsch European Design Challenge, conduct to a website down next and register to participate! The final date for entrance is 15th June, adequate time to emanate a array of really intriguing renders! Besides, who can repudiate a comprehensive clarity of honour one gets from indicating during a product on arrangement and observant “I helped make that”!

Click Here to Submit Your Designs Now. Ends June 15th during 11:59pm CET.

1st Edition Klipsch Design Competition

In 1946, Paul W. Klipsch, genius, maniac and nonconformist designed and hand-built a mythological Klipschorn loudspeakers with a idea of bringing life song into his vital room.

The Klipsch pattern competition is partial of a code DNA (avant-gardism, innovation) though it also perpetuates a will of Paul W. Klipsch that was to offer a singular audio knowledge while regulating pleasing products. With this contest, a idea is to ask students to detect a destiny « Heritage » products.

Theme is « HERITAGE »

Young talents will have to revisit their roots to suppose a products that could fit in a Heritage line of products (only a demeanour of a products, not a record inside). They are looking for products that their business wish to hear and feel.

The 2 Categories: Active Speaker Headphone

– Active Speaker: emanate tomorrow’s orator in a line of a One and a Three.
– Headphone: suppose a new Heritage headphone (over-ear)

Heritage The One Speaker

Heritage HP-3 headphone

Prizes How to Submit

– 1st Prize 5000€
– 2nd Prize 2000€
– Participants contingency have undertaken their studies and lived in one of a following countries: France, a United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.
– Open to: Students in Engineering, Product Design, Industrial Design.
– Under 30 years aged who graduated from one of a above fields.

Click Here to Submit Your Designs Now. Ends June 15th during 11:59pm CET.

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