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The Samsung Galaxy Note was announced 7 years ago, it’s still a many successful Android phone

Galaxy Note influentialGalaxy Note influential

A good phone, though substantially too big. That was flattering many what a press suspicion when Samsung denounced the Galaxy Note at IFA Berlin in 2011. The phone had all a tech we could want, though there was real concern people wouldn’t wish to travel down a travel articulate into such a vast phone.

How wrong we were.

Many were happy to use a incomparable device, and a approach smartphones have grown given suggests they indeed elite it. As good as offered a ton of units, a Galaxy Note totally altered a smartphone landscape.

The Galaxy Note isn’t a usually influential Android smartphone, though it might be a many successful one. It’s a usually one to roughly single-handedly chaperon in a new product difficulty — one all a categorical manufacturers, including Apple, would shortly be clamoring to recover products in.

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What was a Galaxy Note adult against?

Back in 2011, a smartphone marketplace was flourishing quick and copiousness of glorious phones launched. The iPhone 4S with a 3.5-inch arrangement was a outrageous hit, as was Samsung’s categorical flagship, a 4.3-inch Galaxy S2. Other competitors enclosed a Motorola Droid Bionic with a 4.3-inch arrangement and a HTC Evo 4G with a 4.3-inch display.

The Galaxy Note had a crazy 5.3-inch display, a noticeably vast device in a sea of smaller displays.

Samsung Galaxy S2Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung expelled a Galaxy S2 usually months before a Galaxy Note.

None of these smartphones were like a Samsung Galaxy Note. They could compete with a specs, though a Note’s arrangement was simply on another level. This was a play for Samsung. It’s easy to demeanour behind during a greeting to a phone and ridicule those who pronounced it wouldn’t be a success, though during a time you’d really get a few humorous looks regulating a Galaxy Note in public.

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Not a initial phablet

The Galaxy Note was not a initial phablet, and the predestine of a Galaxy Note’s predecessors showed a success was by no means guaranteed.

The HTC Advantage was arguably a initial phablet — a Windows Mobile smartphone with a 5-inch screen. While a shade was big, record hadn’t modernized adequate to make a phone tiny adequate to be quite unstable — it weighed roughly a bruise — and a trend didn’t locate on. The Dell Streak was launched around a year before a Note though a bad user believe hold it back.

These early phablets showed simply carrying a vast shade was not adequate to succeed. Samsung had to safeguard a Galaxy Note supposing a good user believe while staying tiny adequate to be truly portable.

Samsung’s Galaxy S array was already a outrageous success, proof a association could furnish glorious high-end phones. It simply indispensable to send this believe to a device with a bigger screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note: A reminder

The Samsung Galaxy Note’s specs were equal to or improved than many of a competition. It came with a 1.4GHz dual-core processor, an 8MP behind camera, 2MP megapixel front camera, 1GB RAM, and 16GB or 32GB of storage. As good as being big, a shade used Samsung’s Super AMOLED HD record with a 1,280 x 800 resolution, creation it arguably a best arrangement on a marketplace during a time.

At reduction than one centimeter thick and usually 178 grams, it was also surprisingly portable. The Note had a neat pattern identical to a Galaxy S2, so it was informed to consumers, too.

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The phone’s other pretence was a stylus. At a time, Steve Jobs had finished styluses substantially a many shabby appendage in tech after repeatedly doubt their necessity.

Despite this, in commercials for a Galaxy Note, Samsung placed a S-Pen front and center. Samsung clearly suspicion a enclosed stylus could assistance compute a device and position it as some-more prolific than a competition.

Samsung put a lot of bid into creation a S-Pen some-more than a elementary pointer. It could constraint screenshots, perform gestures, and launch a phone’s note-taking software. No matter what Steve Jobs said, these tasks were easier with a S-Pen than a finger.

Styluses never quite took off on smartphones outward of a Note line, though they are in a midst of a slight rebirth on tablets and PCs with accessories like a Apple Pencil, a Surface Pen, and Samsung’s incomparable S-Pen.

The Galaxy Note was a outrageous hit

While a Galaxy Note was a capability powerhouse, it was also really appealing to unchanging users. The large, high-resolution shade meant browsing a web, looking during photos, and examination cinema was a illusory believe on a Note.

The phone available considerable sales. Samsung reportedly sole one million Note inclination in a two months post-release. By Aug 2012, 9 months after release, a association pronounced it had sold 10 million units. After that, there was no approach Samsung — or a competitors —  could omit this new product category.


It didn’t take prolonged for other manufacturers to recover phablets of their own. LG and Panasonic were among a first, and HTC followed shortly after. Perhaps a biggest acknowledgment of how successful a Note had been came in 2014 when Apple announced a initial ever phablet, a iPhone 6 Plus.

Nowadays we usually have to demeanour during a smartphone marketplace to see a Note’s influence. Pretty many all smartphone manufacturers make plus-sized flagships. Most unchanging flagships these days would have been deliberate phablets in 2011. The Galaxy S9’s shade is 0.5-inch bigger than a a strange Note. Even phones marketed as smaller, such as a Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact, would’ve been deliberate phablets behind in 2011.

Huawei P20 Pro vs Note 8 vs LG V30 UIHuawei P20 Pro vs Note 8 vs LG V30 UI

With a Galaxy Note, Samsung had a product miles forward of a competition. Ultimately, it altered a figure of a smartphone marketplace in a approach no other Android phone has finished before or since.

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