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The Nokia 5.3’s better-late-than-never Android 11 refurbish spreads to some-more countries

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Google strictly expelled a final chronicle of Android 11 on Sep 8, 2020, by that indicate a Nokia 5.3 had already been out for 6 months. You might have approaching it to get bumped adult to a latest chronicle shortly rather than later, with it being an Android One device and all, though that’s customarily only function now and it’ll be out of date again in around a month.

The Nokia 5.3 is a bill device, sure, though Nokia phones have customarily been really discerning to get updates as partial of a Android One program. It sounds like the pestilence threw a tool (or several) in a works for HMD’s Android refurbish plans, and so a Android 11 rollout was pushed serve and serve back. The many new roadmap had a Nokia 5.3 down for Q2 2021, so it’s even after than that. At slightest it’s finally here, and we can review some-more about it on a Nokia Community forum (via TechMesto).

The initial call of locales to get a refurbish are as follows: Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, and Vietnam. The new firmware will hurl out in these places over a subsequent few days, though if we live anywhere else, you’re going to have to wait a small longer. It’s pronounced to import in during 1.67GB and embody a Jun 2021 confidence patch.

This whole check business is a contrition since a Nokia 5.3 is regarded as one of a best ultra-low-cost phones we can buy. With Android 12 expected to be strictly expelled subsequent month, we have to wish that HMD can get a act together and broach that chronicle to a many phones in a some-more timely fashion.

Update 1: 2021/08/26 3:26pm PDT by Stephen Schenck

US, too

The Android 11 refurbish for a Nokia 5.3 has been swelling to additional markets, and we’ve perceived tips from users in a US and UK comparison that their updates are accessible now.

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