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The Hubble Phone is a many vast phone we can buy – Yanko Design


There’s a lot to adore about a Hubble Phone by Turing Space Industries. It emulates a strangely pleasing clamshell format initial seen in Nokia’s N93 phone, permitting we to not usually flip though pivot your phone’s screen, as a camera sat on a hinge, branch your phone into a camcorder of sorts… a format that was a newness and utterly a success behind in 2006. Not usually does a Hubble Phone examination with that format, it’s also roughly 100% screen… ON BOTH SIDES. Running all around a front and a behind on both components is a arrangement section that looks flattering stellar in a renders and a video. In fact, you’ll substantially onslaught to find a partial of a phone that ISN’T a screen. (Although they didn’t conduct to do divided with a notch)

In sequence to grasp this overwhelming all-screen arrangement, Turing pushes all a peripherals to a side. Along with a camera (which boasts of 15x zoom), you’ve got a volume dial (yes, a rotating one), a energy button, camera shiver button, sim label slot, and a USB Type-C charging port. The phone is pronounced to run dual Snapdragon 855 chipsets, be AR and VR compatible, and come with a large cost tab of $2,750… though honestly, with a phone that’s so mesmerizingly beautiful, we gamble people would compensate that price.

Designer: Turing Space Industries






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