[The Android Police Podcast] Episode 5: A Frisky Partner’s Midnight Moves | Wifi Walker, J B Chaparal Properties

[The Android Police Podcast] Episode 5: A Frisky Partner’s Midnight Moves

It’s podcast time – this week Matt, Bob, Cameron, Artem, myself, and a newest presenter Liam Spradlin all speak about things that have during slightest some tangential propinquity to Android. In this week’s episode, we speak Nook GlowTouch, EVO 4G LTE, and ascent fees. Check out a lonesome calm in a outline below, and corkscrew to a bottom of a page for Soundcloud and RSS subscription info to listen.

  • Carrier 411
  • ATT is bringing LTE to some-more markets… eee. Just read this post (and this one, too).
  • Verizon has instituted a $30 handset ascent fee, and this has done a lot of people with keyboards and internet entrance very upset.
  • Rumor Roundup
    • We have cinema of a Incredible 4G. Go on, demeanour during them. You know we wish to. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. Probably.
  • Code Google
    • Google done some eyeglasses we can speak to, that is great, since literally no one is going to wish to speak to you if you’re wearing them.
    • There are now 500 some-more cinema in a Play Store, pleasantness of Paramount, giving The Godfather fans nonetheless another approach to force their only friends into examination it for a third time.
  • The Hotsheet
    • The EVO 4G LTE is here and it has a kickstand, so that’s neat. Also, here’s a video of a lot of group touching it.
    • The NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight has been announced, and it’s going to cost money-dollars (140 of them).
    • Samsung has introduced a cackle of new Galaxy things.
    • The HTC One S is coming to T-Mobile on Apr 25th – we think.
    • Oh, and a One S has this thing where it chips and looks unequivocally ugly, so hang it before we daub it (against a tough surface).
    • The LG Viper 4G for Sprint is adult for pre-order, only omit a whole no-4G-network thing. They’re operative on that part.
    • Sprint Galaxy Nexus stuff and oh look, some paint is drying over there.
    • Toshiba’s 13.3-inch inscription is entrance to a US, that is good news for people who like to make penis jokes.
    • ASUS’s Transformer Pad 300 is on a way. It’s like a Transformer Prime, though plastic. Like Optimus Prime, right Hasbro?
    • ASUS is handing out GPS dongles to Transformer Prime owners, who will presumably find a approach to protest about that, too.
    • Device Updates: Nexus S 4G, Galaxy Note.
  • App Updates
    • ZOMG Instagram. Which Facebook only bought. It was as if millions of hipsters unexpected cried out in terror, and were unexpected silenced.
    • SwiftKey 3 Beta: The Spacebar Eliminator.
    • Max Payne entrance to Android – stop, bullet time!
    • DataSync is a nifty app that we should substantially check out.
  • Developer News
    • Android Bootcamp 2012 is out now, and distinct a genuine army, we don’t have to trim your brave to attend.
  • Contests
    • Win one of 10 pairs of a-JAYS One+ earbuds.

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