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The all black tungsten carbide Wingback Mechanical Pen is a pleasure for a senses!

3.5 times harder than titanium, a strongest steel famous to mankind, Tungsten Carbide is same to black-gold in a EDC world. Give any rigging a cloaking of Tungsten Carbide and it shines black like obsidian rock, with a singular lead dash that’s glimmery in a pointed way… though some-more importantly, it creates them many invincible, facing any arrange of outmost wear and tear. Pair it with Wingback’s array of masterfully designed EDC and you’ve got a ideal mixed of aesthetics and performance. Designed by Alasdair MacLaine, Wingback’s Black Steel collection sports 3 minimal-yet-functional products that are firm to be an invariable partial of your bland carry. A bullet-sized Key Cache helps we store puncture income on your keychain, while a automatic coop with a gentle extended pattern promises to be a final coop you’ll ever wish to use. Lastly, MacLaine’s 100ml hip-flask comes with a same cylindrical lathe-manufactured pattern as a other products in a series. With a lovely baton-shaped design, a hip-flask is a pleasure to demeanour during and to use, giving we a ability to store liquids in it as good as use it as a bottle-opener.

All of a Black Steel products are precisely lathe-manufactured in a UK regulating immaculate steel, before being coated with a 3um thick aspect of a enchanting Tungsten Carbide regulating a insubordinate routine called magnetron sputtering. The outcome is a product with a black finish that’s still remarkably shiny, interjection to a steel sitting underneath it. You can even get tradition personalized inscriptions laser-engraved onto your products, divulgence a resplendent steel underneath a black coating. Each EDC rigging is designed to be ideally organic as good as aesthetic, with exquisite tolerances, and knurled surfaces that make regulating a equipment easy. The pill-sized Key Cache simply sits on your keychain, giving we entrance to an puncture bank-note if we ever find yourself in a financial fix. The automatic pen, on a other hand, comes with a hole of 10mm that feels gentle to hold, along with a pen’s fundamental weight. A single-handed turn of a knurled dial during a finish helps muster a pen’s Fisher PR pressurized ball-point refill, that can simply be transposed after use. The 100ml Hip Flask builds on an existent classical in Wingback’s catalog (which we’ve featured before on YD for a singly appealing design), though gives it a covering of future-proofing with a black Tungsten Carbide coating. The hip-flask comes propitious with water-tight silicone gaskets to safeguard closed sealing, while a bottom also has a bottle-opener machined into it for good measure. The bottom is wholly removable too, creation a flask easy to purify after use.

Every product in Wingback’s Black Steel collection comes with a same genius of providing peculiarity that lasts. The dim cloaking on a products assistance boost their lifespan scarcely ten-fold, and any object is done from locally sourced materials to safeguard a revoke CO footprint. Wingback ensures a smoothness of any product is 100% CO neutral along with a guarantee that they’ll offer we loyally for a rest of your life.

Designer: Alasdair MacLaine of Wingback

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Black Steel – Everyday Items Built to Last a Lifetime

Designed and done in England, a Black Steel Collection is a personalized bland essentials with a tungsten carbide aspect that’s 3.5x harder than titanium. The collection consists of a Mechanical Pen, 100ml Hip Flask and Key Cache.

Aesthetically, Black Steel rivals a outlandish demeanour of Damascus steel or titanium, with a sub-metallic radiance that reveals a spark of a steel underneath a surface. But it doesn’t only locate a eye. Their Black Steel finish also serves a critical purpose in safeguarding their pen, flask and key cache for a prolonged haul.

It’s practical regulating a record called magnetron sputtering, customarily indifferent for oppulance watches and military-grade tools, where mixed nano layers of tungsten carbide CO are deposited onto a immaculate steel aspect in a matter of seconds.

The ensuing 3um thick aspect has a Vickers softness of 1200 VPN, 9x harder than immaculate steel and 3.5x harder than titanium. Their Black Steel finish also has impossibly low attrition ( 0.1) due to a CO added, ensuring a shifting surfaces of a resource are satisfyingly smooth.

As a result, their Black Steel Collection will be blemish resistant to probably anything we will put in your slot and a tools should never need to be maintained, let alone replaced. They’ll work as good for we currently as they will for a grandchild who competence get your collection in decades to come.

Made to Order

After machining, any product can be laser engraved with a personal inscription, on a bottom of a 100ml Hip and Key Cache, and along a tub of a Mechanical Pen.

The Mechanical Pen

The Wingback Mechanical Pen, epitomizes a “buy once” philosophy. Machine incited from immaculate steel, it has been designed to final for decades, not months and assistance a owners rediscover a fun of putting coop to paper.

With a far-reaching 10mm (3/8 inch) hole and knurled grip, it sits absolutely in a palm to revoke essay tired while a gratifying weight (50g) of a materials encourages some-more time to be taken with each coop stroke.


– A vast 10mm (3/8 inch) hole allows for a improved hold around a coop tub means we can write some-more absolutely for longer
– At a compress 117.5mm (4.63 inch) length, a coop fits orderly in a limb of your palm when essay and is ideal to tuck in your slot or bag
– Personalization of 50 characters available, laser engraved onto a barrel
– A singular handed turn allows we to close a beak in place with a bespoke mechanism
– Precise production tolerances stop any neglected beak wobble
– Includes Fisher PR pressurized refill – (refills widely accessible online)

The Key Cache

The Key Cache is elementary nonetheless functional. It orderly clips onto your keyring to raise your daily lift while containing a secure cell to store banknotes and strike sum in box your keys go missing.

Store an puncture banknote with a tiny space to gangling for a summary with your critical details.

– Fits GBP, EURO, USD and each other note we have attempted (the limit distance we have attempted is 160mm x 82mm)
– CNC machined from a plain retard of immaculate steel or brass, including tradition knurling to yield a ideal ergonomic and cultured finish
– Hermetically hermetic with a silicone washer to keep a essence dry
– Designed and made to aerospace standards in England, with all materials sourced from Europe

100ml Hip Flask

The hip flask is iconic. A gentleman’s many devoted transport companion, value a weight in bullion (or bourbon). The classical rectilinear figure and tiny declaim strike recognition in prohibition, though they believed they could emanate a flask that celebrates a essence in a some-more user-friendly, reduction leaky, easier to clean, some-more durable way.

With a seamless, cylindrical design, a Wingback hip flask is robust, volatile and tour ready. At a 100ml capacity, it’s a ultimate transport companion, designed to offer we on any tour as good it does during home.

– 100ml/3.4 fl.oz. ability and a weight of 180g/6.35 oz
– Include your possess personalization on a bottom of a flask (up to 50 characters)
– Manufactured to aerospace standards in a UK, from food class 316 Stainless Steel, sourced from Europe, that will not change a season of a contents
– A vast lid and removable bottom creates filling, celebration and cleaning simple
– The far-reaching mouth has been designed to give a ideal pour. Whether for a season to ambience or to flow a decent measure, we won’t get any spillage
– Includes a mouth fact on a bottom of a flask that serves as a accessible bottle opener
– Unbroken cylindrical pattern to discharge risk of steam and join splitting
– Hermetically hermetic with a silicone washer and a bespoke twin strike sign to discharge leaks
– CNC machined from immaculate steel, including tradition knurling for a ideal ergonomic and cultured finish
– All tools are dishwasher safe
– Fits bourbon, whisky, whiskey, gin, tequila, mezcal…You name it, and it has been tested!

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