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The 10 misfortune Android phones of all time

We always like to speak about a best Android phones and a greener side of a grass, yet there’s no tip that there’s been a few stinkers over a years. While a volume of unsatisfactory Android inclination have significantly declined within a past integrate of years, there are still one or twin entrance out any year that make us blemish a heads and let out a outrageous WTF.


With that, we suspicion it’d be fun to consider about what a misfortune Android phones have been so far. My colleagues and we have had a fun time putting this list together and articulate about what awarded any device’s mark in this list. Before we get started, there are usually a integrate of disclaimers to note:

  1. This list will demeanour to concentration on obvious phones or phones from obvious companies. It’d be distant too easy to embody all a terrible Chinese knock-offs we’ve had to continue over a years.
  2. By nature, this is a heavily biased and dogmatic topic. You will remonstrate with a few selections. That’s excellent — we’d adore to hear what we consider is or isn’t one of a misfortune phones of all time!

So with that said, it’s time to burst into a thick of things. Get your nostalgia tip on, given this will roughly positively take us down a rough ol’ memory lane.

10 – HTC EVO 3D

Being someone who purchased this phone, we know first-hand usually how miserable of an trust it was to possess a HTC EVO 3D. It wouldn’t have been so bad if not for all a promises that were finished about how this phone was going to heal cancer and change everything. I’m apparently articulate about a “revolutionary” 3D camera HTC put on a behind of this thing.

Believe we me — they made it sound like a outrageous deal, and it unequivocally felt like one. Upon walking out of a Sprint store a day it launched, we felt like I’d usually walked out with a gods’ benefaction to a world. For twin weeks, I’d shown my phone off to everybody — even those who didn’t caring — and talked about how overwhelming it was.

back-of-htc-evo-3d cropped cropped

Not one, yet TWO cameras? What?! It didn’t get any improved than that. we played 3D Spider-Man and watched a Green Lantern in 3D. we took video and cinema in 3D that no one could suffer unless they had a 3D guard or an autostereoscopic 3D device like my own. Starting to feel alone, a newness of 3D wore off and this phone’s genuine value started resplendent through.

Battery life was abysmal. Even with minimal screen-on time (I’m articulate 30-60 mins here) we frequency finished it to 8 hours. The dual-core Snapdragon chipset in it seemed to be bogged down over time by a (then) unequivocally non-optimized chronicle of Android and HTC Sense.

The smashing build peculiarity was overshadowed by a fact that a paint and steel on this thing chipped so simply that your phone was roughly unidentifiable after usually a few days’ use. Indeed, I’d grown to hatred my HTC EVO 3D, and had no problem flitting it down to my hermit once a Epic 4G Touch launched usually a few months later. At a finish of a day, a HTC EVO 3D was one of a misfortune phones that ever launched, and that’s substantially since we have nonetheless to see a follow-up (unless you’re counting a scraps Sprint sent down to their servant Virgin Mobile).

9 – Samsung Continuum

I remember it like it was yesterday. Verizon sent out press invites teasing this good new phone by Samsung. The Android village fast began perplexing to disintegrate a invite, wondering what a batch market-esque design meant. Could it be a new Samsung smartphone with “stock” Android?! Oh boy! The fad was adequate to tip a pot, yet a day came and… a Samsung Continuum is what we got.


It’s not that a phone achieved poorly, it’s usually that it was pointless. And ugly. And stupid. Its explain to celebrity was a small “ticker” (hence a batch marketplace stuff) on a bottom that could uncover pivotal information yet carrying to spin on a device’s decidedly small categorical display. From batch quotes (OK, we get it) to your latest email, and from possibly updates to Twitter and Facebook updates, this small AMOLED frame was ostensible to be fun. And it was ostensible to assistance battery life, too.

The problem is that Samsung never gave a damn about it. It could have been a unequivocally sparkling thing for developers to daub into, yet Samsung never non-stop a APIs to anyone. The volume of apps we could use with a ticker arrangement never increased.

And many of a info a arrangement served adult was so precipitate that you’d rather perspective it on a large shade anyway. Couple that with a fact that a resource for activating a arrangement was so trashy that it was useless, and we have a recipe for disaster. Needless to say, we was intensely happy to boat this phone right behind to Verizon upon completing my review.

8 – Motorola DROID Bionic

What can we contend about a DROID Bionic that hasn’t already been said? This phone tanked. It went by during slightest two or 3 redesigns, was delayed for months, and treated like an nauseous red-headed stepchild by Verizon. And that’s usually before a device launched. When a Motorola DROID Bionic finally launched, it was immediately apparent since it took Verizon and Motorola so prolonged to get it to marketplace — it was riddled with so many bugs that not even a many studious chairman in a universe could understanding with it.


The Bionic’s list of problems was so prolonged that we had to consternation what, exactly, their engineers were doing in a several months that upheld given its announcement. It felt like a antecedent that was never utterly ostensible to make it out to a public, nonetheless here it was, boxed up, on sale and advertised as one of Verizon’s biggest phones.

The problems were so countless that we won’t even list them here — it’d substantially supplement another 500 difference to this already extensive article. Verizon and Motorola addressed a lot in a months following a release, yet all a OTA updates and tender, amatory caring in a universe can’t rinse a terrible ambience it left out of a mouths. Never forget.

7 – HTC Thunderbolt

Anyone feel like we’re picking on Verizon a small bit too many here? It’s by accident, we assure you. With that, we benefaction to we Big Red’s initial ever 4G LTE smartphone — a HTC Thunderbolt. This was an sparkling phone to spy when it initial launched. Truth be told, a phone wasn’t super innovative or insubordinate as a whole, yet a spotlight put on it for being a initial phone to kick-off a 4G LTE disturb positively finished it seem that way.


Verizon was confidant to take a initial step in changing adult a high-speed information game, yet it’s a contrition HTC gave them a stinker of a device to do that with. The HTC Thunderbolt was a excellent phone, yet there was one unforgivable, certainly ban trait that unfortunately warranted a device a mark on this list — we could hardly use a thing.

Battery life was so miserable that you’d be improved off usually grabbing a dumbphone and withdrawal a Thunderbolt on a horse during home. I’ve had friends who couldn’t get many some-more than 3 hours on a singular charge, and that’s with assuage use patterns. The conditions was so bad that an HTC repute had to come out and apologize for it.

I have to cut HTC and Verizon some tardy here — LTE was new, and it was a required eventuality to take so that we wouldn’t have to understanding with those heedfulness today. Unfortunately, a misfortune phones list is unforgiving, and it won’t disremember 3 hours of battery life due to small flourishing pains.

6 -Motorola CLIQ

Those yet a low trust of Android’s story competence not have been around for a wickedness that was a Motorola CLIQ. It was Motorola’s initial Android phone, that is humorous deliberation one of a best (or, perhaps, many important) phones in Android’s story — a Motorola DROID — was introduced by Motorola and Verizon usually days later.


The Moto CLIQ was small, awkwardly built, and, utterly frankly, ugly. And that’s usually a bad news on a hardware side of things. It was a initial ambience of MotoBLUR, that has gained prominence for being one of a misfortune tradition overlays Android has ever seen. It was slow, buggy, and did zero to scrupulously paint a suggestion of Android. My eyes and mind are draining out usually meditative about it. Let’s be grateful Motorola came to their senses and started creation phones with important program again.

5 – Motorola Backflip (and/or Motorola Flipout)

Simply put, Motorola was out of their flippin’ minds when they suspicion these phones up. Motorola’s grand suspicion for their 2010 widen of affordable phones was to exercise these gimmicky ways to entrance a devices’ keyboards. For a Backflip, a keyboard indeed existed on a “back” of a phone… get it? And we “flipped” it to a front so we could type. Yeah.


And a Flipout was no better. In fact, it was even worse. Here it was, a small puck whose small keyboard was tucked underneath a small screen. The usually approach to entrance that keyboard was to “flip” a phone sideways. Honestly, we substantially wouldn’t have cared reduction if a phone incidentally “flipped” right out of my hands.


These phones were engaging — I’ll give them that many — yet in a finish they were cumbersome, nauseous gimmicks to cover adult a fact that a phones weren’t any good (with many of that carrying to do with MotoBLUR, that we already had a exasperation of mentioning in this article).

4 – LG DoublePlay

OK, OK. Truth be told, it does seem like I’m picking on companies for meditative outward a box. That isn’t a box during all. Think, and consider some more! But consider twice before branch some of these concepts into reality. we had to take a DoubleTake when LG initial showed us a DoublePlay.

LG DoublePlay

The suspicion was noble, and a second-screen trust was distant some-more useful than that of a aforementioned Samsung Continuum’s. Still, a whole thing felt forced, and bursting a earthy QWERTY keyboard into twin to make room for what was small some-more than a saved delegate apps tray didn’t make for a many discerning typing trust in a world.

3 – Garmin-ASUS Garminfone

As good as ASUS has been to us in a inscription side of things over a years, their lane record with phones hasn’t been utterly as inspiring. Their own-branded phones have been decent during best, yet it’s a phones they finished in and with others that have us doing an about face and regulating a other way.

There were several elements of ASUS and Garmin’s Garminfone that warranted it a series 2 mark on a list. For starters, a phone was ugly, and looked like a unsuccessful cranky between a personal media actor and a GPS unit. That’s a slightest of it. Diving deeper, ASUS and Garmin attempted to emanate a navigation trust that a universe usually didn’t need.


They totally gimped Android, with no normal home-screen to place widgets, shortcuts and folders. The OS was so heavily customized that we competence not praise it if we weren’t profitable tighten attention. It’s not usually that they customized it over recognition, yet — we’ve seen others do this and had no qualms. Rather, we’re some-more dissapoint about a fact that zero they did finished any clarity or finished a device useful in any way, figure or form.

Sure, we had an offline maps trust powered  by a seasoned- maritime leaders during Garmin, yet Google Maps was usually starting to get unequivocally good during this point. Before long, this phone had turn totally obsolete, and was one of several unsuccessful attempts finished by Garmin and ASUS before a former thankfully motionless to give it a rest. With how good Google Maps has turn and with how many a standalone app can do in this day and age, let’s wish we never have to continue something like a Garminfone again.

2 – Kyocera Echo

Truth be told, Kyocera has never finished a unequivocally good Android phone. We’d hoped things would change when Sprint denounced a Kyocera Echo, yet that incited out to be one of a biggest faceplants we’ve ever seen in a story of smartphone announcements.

Sprint hyped a proclamation of this phone adult as something “magical” and “exciting,” and we all waited patiently for a eventuality that was finally going to move us this visionary phone. That day arrived, and unexpected Sprint’s pre-game hype finished some-more sense. It was “magical” in a clarity that someone suspicion this stupid phone would tempt someone to indeed buy it. It was “exciting” to review a reactions of smartphone enthusiasts everywhere on Twitter. Not even David Blaine could get us into this phone.


This dual-screen beast was an comprehensive territory of a device. We’d still been acid for a phone that could yield even usually a halfway-decent second-screen trust during that point, and while we praise Kyocera for giving it a try they substantially would have been improved off exploding adult a blueprints for this one.

For starters, a over-exaggerated bezel on this thing busted any shot during creation this device seem to have one “big” display. The suspicion was that a twin 3.5-inch screens could be total to form a nice, large 4.7-inch display. They called this “tablet mode,” and used a allure of being means to perspective photos and videos on a wider board to try and make sales. Needless to say, a execution of this suspicion was busted by bad engineering.

Other use cases enclosed regulating one arrangement as a keyboard while observation an app in a second display, as good as regulating one arrangement to uncover your email inbox while regulating a second arrangement to uncover sold emails. This was an engaging use of twin displays, yet eventually valid to be small some-more than a gimmicky novelty. One could also simply “close” a device and use a Echo as a singular arrangement phone, yet — again — trashy engineering meant we were holding something same to a brick.

Buggy software, toxic battery life and uninspiring internals dull out a list of negatives that finished a Kyocera Echo one of a misfortune Android phones of all time. Think about everything we shouldn’t do when constructing a smartphone, and Kyocera did all of that in a Echo.

1 – Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Unlike many of a Android phones on this list, a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was one of a few that launched to vicious acclaim. The unequivocally apex of mobile engineering, a Note 7 was one of a few phones that could toe-to-toe with Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus and (at slightest on paper) mop a building with it. The Galaxy Note 7 featured a reward H2O insurgency body, large battery, wireless charging, pleasing winding display, and a imagination small stylus we could use to jot down records directly onto a device. Oh — and a phone would spasmodic locate glow for no apparent reason. Fun.

Galaxy-Note-7-review (7)

Now, we’ve all seen “exploding” smartphones in a past. No device in a universe is giveaway from defects like this, generally when you’re pulling this kind of volume. But when it came to a Galaxy Note 7 — that was gearing adult to be one of a many renouned smartphones on a world — it was a risk Samsung usually couldn’t take. This resulted in a worldwide remember of a Note 7 shortly after it was released, with Samsung charity to possibly reinstate or sell a phone for newer “safe” model.

Let’s be clear: this initial remember isn’t even since a phone is one of a misfortune Android inclination of all time. That partial was indeed forgivable, with many users opting to sell their territory for a “safe” chronicle of a same model. It’s given of what happened after that a Note 7 has warranted a tip mark on a list.


It wasn’t until deputy inclination — those that Samsung deemed “safe” — also began throwing fire, that we knew this wasn’t something a Note 7 would be entrance behind from. Retailers and carriers began pulling a phone from store shelves and during a time of writing, there still hasn’t been an central second recall, yet Samsung has reliable that they’ve officially stopped prolongation of a Note 7 for good.

With such a staggering fumble on their hands, a whole predestine of Samsung’s Galaxy Note line now lies in jeopardy. We still don’t know if we’ll see a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 subsequent year or a finish re-branding of a line, yet it’s contrition deliberation a Note’s time respected tradition of being a unequivocally best Samsung had to offer (even some-more so than their Galaxy S flagships). When it’s all pronounced and done, analysts trust a unsuccessful Note 7 launch/recall could cost Samsung as many as $17 billion.

Farewell, Galaxy Note 7. You’ll be missed.


With hundreds, and maybe even thousands of Android phones being finished over a past 5 years, it was intensely tough to select usually 10 devices. We felt a need to prominence a bit more, so here are some of a ones that didn’t make a cut (not in any sold order):

  • LG G2x — initial phone with Tegra 2, yet child was it buggy.
  • HTC ChaCha, HTC Status and HTC First — we’ve all wanted a Facebook phone once. Then we grew up.
  • Samsung Behold IISamsung’s pre-Galaxy S Android phone had an awful “cube” UI and appalling earthy symbol setup.

Debate Time!

And now it’s time for my favorite partial — a partial where all of we carillon in with your possess opinions in regards to a misfortune Android phones of all time. Fun, fun, fun! Do we agree? Disagree? Have your possess list of misfortune phones? We wish to hear all of it. Let’s rally in a comments territory to speak about this, and remember to keep it purify – there’s zero that says we can’t honour everyone’s opinion even if it differs from your own. Have during it.

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