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Temporary Root Achieved on Verizon Moto X and 2013 DROID Line Up

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Some carriers in a US are good adequate to allow companies to clear bootloaders of their flagship inclination when they launch on their networks. Unfortunately for many of us here, Verizon is not one of those good carriers. Locked bootloaders and a onslaught to get base is zero new for Verizon customers, though there is now a ray of wish for fans who suffer rooting their phones. Temporary base has been achieved on a Moto X, and a improved news is that this feat should work on a 2013 DROID line as well. 

Notable Android developer Justin Case from TeamAndIRC tweeted out final night that he achieved base on a Moto X. Right now a base is only proxy and there is still some work that needs to be finished before it’s permanent, though it is a start. This same exploit, while untested during a moment, should work on a new DROIDs like a Ultra, Mini and Maxx. Of course, if we wish to keep this feat open, Case suggests that we shouldn’t take any arriving OTAs until this gets some-more permanent.

Do we wish to base your new Moto X or DROID?

Via: R0otzWiki

Cheers Willimus, Bill, and thedonxr!

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