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‘Temple Run’ not nonetheless accessible for Droid Razr or Bionic

After a prolonged wait, Temple Run is finally available for Android — though it isn’t accessible for Motorola’s Droid Bionic or even a flagship Droid Razr. Droid-Life spoke to Imangi Studios, a association behind a game, who pronounced it “hopes [the diversion will] be accessible on those inclination in a future” though didn’t give a specific timeframe as to when that will be. We checked for ourselves on a Droid RAZR and can endorse a diversion isn’t accessible on a device in possibly a Google Play or Amazon App Stores. As Droid-Life notes, a Droid 4, a device that runs on a really identical chipset to a RAZR and Bionic, is one of a inclination able of using a app — that brings adult critical questions about Android fragmentation. This is not a singular occurrence in a Android world, as Grand Theft Auto III launched on Android with support only for “select” dual-core devices. Hopefully this will be a problem we see reduction and reduction in a destiny — though usually time will tell.

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