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Temple Run doesn’t work on Droid Bionic or Razr

We were flattering vehement over here to learn about Imangi Studios’ Android recover of a extravagantly renouned Temple Run app today. But that dissolute fast when we listened that a Indiana Jones-themed diversion isn’t indeed prepared for all Android users.

Specifically, anyone toting around Motorola’s Droid Bionic or Droid Razr will still have to wait to download a giveaway app, according to The Verge. Folks over during a The Verge tested it out for themselves on a Droid Razr and reliable that Temple Run is not accessible by Google Play or a Amazon App Store.

The whole thing seems a small strange, deliberation a Droid 4 (which seems to run a diversion only fine) operates on a chipset that’s identical to any of a aforementioned phones. When stirred by Droid-Life as to either or not that will change, Imangi Studios pronounced that it hopes a diversion will be accessible on those inclination “in a future.” No severe dates, no genuine acknowledgment on any tangible changes, only hope. Thanks, Imangi.

Via: The Verge


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