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#TBT: Remember a DROID Bionic?

Of march we do, it was a DROID Bionic, aka a strange hypebeast phone. OK, maybe not the original, yet it was positively one of those phones that had so most coverage after delays and pattern changes, that by a time it landed, it was doomed. And that’s since we’re #TBT-ing it today.

The DROID Bionic was creatively introduced during a splashy press eventuality during CES 2011. This was behind when CES indeed mattered to those of us in a mobile industry. The phone shown during a time, was going to be a initial dual-core powered device with 4G LTE, yet we have to remember that it was a partial of Motorola’s Lapdock pull as well. You see, Motorola wanted to emanate a ultimate energy device that authorised users to have both connectivity in a phone and on a laptop like experience. Parts of a thought were brilliant, yet as we now know, a doing was substantially forward of a time and never entirely materialized as we had hoped. 

What we find so fascinating about a DROID Bionic is that I’m not certain we can remember a phone that was shown off, scrapped a few months later, and replaced by another phone underneath a same name. The strange DROID Bionic looked like this (see below). As we can tell from a picture during a tip of this post, they are utterly different.

original droid bionicoriginal droid bionic

Why a change? During 2011, we saw a large pull of 4G LTE. Unfortunately, since LTE was so new, it didn’t accurately work with all of a opposite chipsets in phones during that time. The strange Bionic sported a Tegra 2 processor, yet Verizon, Motorola, and NVIDIA couldn’t seem to get a T2 and an LTE radio to play good adequate together and had to make a switch over to an OMAP mid-year to get a phone out before a holidays. They eventually did and that might have also been a commencement of a finish in mobile for NVIDIA. That’s a story for another day.

And afterwards a Bionic forsaken during a flattering high cost point, a large selling debate came along with it, and few of we bought it. Well, that’s substantially not a fairest illustration of a sales, yet we don’t consider anyone considers a Bionic to be a outstanding success. Those delays, a over-the-top and additional cheesy commercials, a pattern swap, a awful program (Blur!), and a bad knowledge by a Lapdock eventually resulted in one of a bigger busts we can remember.

Whatever, though, let’s demeanour during this man one some-more time. That’s right, a special #TBT video only for a DROID Bionic.

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