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#TBT: Motorola Shadow, a Fake Phone of Everyone’s Dreams

I was recently diving by many comparison DROID Life posts — like, 2009 and 2010 posts — and came opposite a device that everyone seemed really hyped about. At a time, a OG DROID was still a really renouned device among Android owners, but many of them were removing prepared to find a estimable inheritor to their new-found Android love. The Motorola Shadow, as it was famous among a blogs, seemed to be a phone many of us wanted.

The Shadow featured the same full QWERTY slide-out keyboard we had schooled to adore on a strange DROID, and a pattern of it oozed high-tech and modern. As it incited out, a Shadow, or during slightest what we suspicion was a Shadow, was flattering much nothing; merely a pattern describe that got upheld around time and time again. The Shadow name lived on, though, morphing into DROID Xtreme, and afterwards finalized as DROID X. The DROID X launched on Verizon behind in Jul of 2010 and was utterly renouned with Android users.

I remember privately looking during a subsequent describe years ago, meditative to myself, “That’s gonna be my subsequent phone.”

Did we feel a same approach about a Motorola Shadow as we did?


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