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T-Mobile waives charges for calls and SMS done to/from Saint Vincent

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Earlier today, T-Mobile published a blog post to send their sympathies to a people influenced by a ongoing volcanic tear of La Soufrière in Saint Vincent and a Grenadines. Situated in a southern Caribbean, a volcano has ceaselessly been erupting given Apr 9 for a initial time in 42 years. The island republic has a sum race of 110,000. 

Despite a ongoing health crisis, a volcanic tear continues to mutilate massacre on a lives of a residents of a 30 islands and cays. The volcano has stayed wordless given 1979 though started to pour fume and rumble in Dec 2020. 

According to a UN, around 15,000 evacuees are in need of evident assistance. Many of a locals are being evacuated from their villages, several of that have been “covered by complicated ashes… and paved roads have been incited into tracks.” 

The UN central expects cleanup and liberation to need “a large effort.” 

For a part, T-Mobile has motionless to relinquish general long-distance charges for calls and SMS done between Saint Vincent and a U.S. This is germane for all existent T-Mobile, Sprint postpaid, T-Mobile Prepaid, and Metro by T-Mobile customers. Roaming fees on calls and SMS done between a dual countries will also be waived for T-Mobile, Sprint, and T-Mobile Prepaid customers. 

If we need assistance with your service, we can strech out to T-Mobile by job 611 or 1-800-937-8997 from your device.


Source: T-Mobile


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