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T-Mobile updates REVVL 4+ to Android 11

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T-Mobile has recently expelled a latest OS refurbish for a REVVL 4+. 

This comes as a outrageous warn given T-Mobile’s own-brand REVVL inclination are not accurately designed to stay in a spotlight for too long. They aren’t even meant to contest with a flagship models of Samsung, Motorola, or OnePlus, nonetheless they have recently been updated to a latest OS. 

According to a official program support page of a device, a refurbish started rolling out to inclination over-the-air on Apr 14th. And given it takes some time for a refurbish to be accessible to all inclination via a country, some users might not nonetheless see a refurbish on their device. 

All we simply need to do is wait for a small while before a refurbish can arrive in your device. You can also check to see if a refurbish is already accessible on your device by going to a Settings System Advanced. This will concede we to manually refurbish your device to Android 11. 

This is a initial vital refurbish to be accessible for a REVVL 4+. 


Source: T-Mobile

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