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T-Mobile TVision dongle shown in photos by a FCC

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One week after a new T-Mobile TVision remote leaked out, it looks like a dongle that that remote goes with has leaked, too.

A apart FCC inventory has been found that includes images of a dongle with TVision branding. The device itself is a tiny black rectangle with a brief HDMI wire fluctuating out of one side and a microUSB pier for energy on a other.

Interestingly, a user primer enclosed with this FCC inventory is for an AirTV Mini. The website for a AirTV Mini says that it runs Android TV, only like T-Mobile’s TVision dongle is approaching to, and and a AirTV Mini has a identical pattern to this TVision dongle as well.


Other papers in this FCC inventory contend that a TVision device is a “4K HDMI dongle” with “android 9.0”. It’s listed as carrying 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi support as good as Bluetooth.

We listened progressing this year that T-Mobile is “retooling” a TVision platform, and this Android TV dongle looks like it could be partial of that. It was also pronounced that a modernise of TVision was tech-ready yet that T-Mo had delayed a launch until a summer due to a coronavirus pestilence and a fact that it a stores were closed. T-Mobile now says that the infancy of a stores are open, though, so maybe a TVision modernise will occur this summer.


Via: 9to5Google
Source: FCC

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