T-Mobile Tuesdays to hand out inflatable neck pillows soon | Wifi Walker, J B Chaparal Properties

T-Mobile Tuesdays to palm out inflatable neck pillows soon

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T-Mo’s got another square of T-Mobile Tuesdays swag entrance shortly that’ll be useful on your subsequent flight.

New photos sent to TmoNews uncover that T-Mobile will give out T-Mobile-Samsung inflatable neck pillows soon. When inflated, a sham has a T-Mo trademark on one arm and a Samsung trademark on a other.


The images don’t contend accurately when T-Mobile will palm these inflatable pillows out to customers, though now that they’ve arrived in stores, they should be offering in a subsequent week or two.

This might not be a many gentle neck sham around, though it could make your subsequent moody only a small bit improved and maybe even assistance we locate a small sleep. Stay tuned and I’ll let we know when T-Mobile strictly confirms this inflatable sham for T-Mo Tuesdays.

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