T-Mobile to give free touchscreen gloves to customers for upcoming T-Mo Tuesday | Wifi Walker, J B Chaparal Properties

T-Mobile to give giveaway touchscreen gloves to business for arriving T-Mo Tuesday

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Now that we’re impending Dec and a start of winter, it’s removing flattering cold in many tools of a country. T-Mobile wants to help we keep your hands comfortable while creation certain we can still use your phone.

T-Mo business will shortly be means to get T-Mobile Tech Gloves as a T-Mobile Tuesdays gift. Our source says that they’ll be accessible in S/M and M/L sizes and that a gloves work with touchscreens.

There’s no word nonetheless on accurately when these gloves will be available. Considering the timing of T-Mobile Tuesday leaks that we’ve gotten in a past, though, we wouldn’t be astounded if these gloves are accessible in a subsequent week or two.

The gloves themselves demeanour nice, sporting elementary magenta and gray lines on a palm and a tiny T-Mobile tab nearby a wrist. They don’t seem to be super thick, though for giveaway gloves that work with your phone’s touchscreen, they could be value grabbing from your internal T-Mobile store on an arriving Tuesday.

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