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T-Mobile OnePlus 8 5G refurbish rolling out with 5G support on additional bands

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OnePlus 8 owners, T-Mobile is now pulling a program refurbish your way!

This new refurbish is chronicle 10.5.8.IN55CB and it brings with it a integrate of important improvements. They embody 5G support for bands 2 and 66, that are in further to a support for 5G on bands 71, 41, and 5 that a OnePlus 8 5G already had on T-Mobile.

The update’s changelog also mentions a further of Google Live Caption. This is an accessibility underline that will automatically heading media personification on your phone, including videos, podcasts, audio messages, and things we record yourself.

Rounding out a refurbish are some vague improvements and bug fixes.

This refurbish is now rolling out over a air, and while T-Mobile hasn’t updated its OnePlus 8 5G support page yet, TmoNews reader Paul has gotten a refurbish on their OnePlus 8. So if you’ve got an OP8 5G, we can wait for this refurbish to strike your phone in a entrance days or check for it manually by going into Settings System System refurbish Check for update.

Thanks Paul!


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