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T-Mobile OnePlus 7T, Galaxy Note 10, and Note 10+ receiving updates

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T-Mobile is now pulling updates to a contingent of new Android flagships.

The T-Mobile OnePlus 7T refurbish bumps a phone to chronicle 10.0.6.HD63CB and is 286.0MB in size. Included are a Dec 2019 Android confidence rags as good as some softened complement fortitude and bug fixes.


T-Mo hasn’t published an central changelog for a refurbish yet, so it’s not famous accurately what improvements or bug fixes competence be packaged into this update.

Some OP7T owners competence be unhappy that it’s now Feb 2020 and they’re only removing a Dec 2019 confidence patches, though a unbarred OnePlus 7T is also behind in confidence updates. The many new update was expelled in December with a Nov 2019 confidence patches.


Also being updated currently are T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ models. These phones are being updated to versions N970USQS2BTA7 and N975USQS2BTA7, respectively, and they’re both removing a Feb 1, 2020 Android confidence patches.

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