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T-Mobile now usurpation field for Fall 2021 T-Mobile Accelerator Wellness Technology Program

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T-Mobile is now opening a doors to field of a Fall 2021 T-Mobile Accelerator Wellness Tech Program. If we have a startup that we trust will pave a approach to rise a subsequent large thing in 5G that will foster healthy vital and urge a peculiarity of life, we can request to be partial of this program.

Participants will have a possibility to work directly with T-Mobile record and business leaders as they combine on bringing their products and services to a market. T-Mobile Accelerator module operates as a heart where ideas, innovation, and movement can be derived. 

“Consumers caring deeply about wellness and that seductiveness continues to grow,” T-Mobile’s EVP of Advanced Emerging Technologies, John Saw, said. “5G is a absolute enabler, assisting us to some-more deeply know a possess health and stay improved connected to services that urge a peculiarity of life.”

The module offers year-round programming and activities, along with entrepreneurial and tech village engagements, consultant speakers, and mentorship sessions. 

Ever given a module was created, there has been a sum of 67 startup companies that have been means to lift an total of roughly $80 million given their appearance in a program. 82% of a alumni companies continue to be in business today.  

If we are meddlesome in requesting for a container in a Fall 2021 T-Mobile Accelerator Wellness Technology Program, we can visit this page for some-more information. You have until Jun 25, 2021 to request for a module before it starts on Aug 9, 2021. At a finish of a program, there will be a Demo Day where a accomplishments of a participants will be showcased. 


Source: T-Mobile

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