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T-Mobile Moto Z2 Force will not be updated to Android 9 Pie

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Bad news, Moto Z2 Force owners: It looks like we won’t be removing an Android Pie update.

Motorola has confirmed that “some US Moto Z2 Force models will not accept a Android 9 ‘Pie’ update.” The association explains that a Verizon indication of a Moto Z2 Force will get updated to Pie to capacitate a 5G Moto Mod, though it doesn’t dedicate to updating a other models of a Z2 Force, definition a T-Mobile, ATT, and Sprint versions will go Pie-less.

T-Mobile support staffer Mike also reliable this news in T-Mo’s central forums, observant that T-Mobile has “received word that [the Moto Z2 Force] will no longer be removing Android Pie.”

As for since it won’t be updating a T-Mobile, ATT, and Sprint versions of a Moto Z2 Force to Pie, Motorola says that a preference is due to “a accumulation of reasons” and adds that releasing Android updates “is a formidable process.”

Motorola does contend that it is still committed to providing dual years of confidence updates on all Moto Z2 Force models. The Moto Z2 Force launched during T-Mobile in Aug 2017, so that two-year joining is reaching a end.

The Moto Z2 Force was updated to Android 8.0 Oreo during a finish of 2017, though it looks like that’ll be a usually vital Android OS refurbish that it receives. That’s unsatisfactory for Moto Z2 Force owners on T-Mo, generally given a Moto Z line has typically been deliberate Motorola’s “flagship” array of phones. Now it appears that usually a Verizon chronicle will be updated to Pie since a refurbish will capacitate support for Verizon’s 5G Moto Mod.

Via: Droid-Life
Sources: Motorola, T-Mobile

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