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T-Mobile launches ‘verHIDEzon’ debate to poke fun during Verizon’s 5G rollout

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T-Mobile has motionless to poke some fun during Verizon and a 5G rollout.

T-Mo launched “verHIDEzon” this week, finish with a website, Twitter profile, and real-life promotion debate directed during Verizon and a decisions to assign additional for 5G entrance and not tell 5G coverage maps. “Verizon’s been articulate a large diversion about 5G, charging some-more for it and not even giving business a map to find it,” pronounced T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

The Twitter comment @verHIDEzon has posted some memes and other tweets poking fun during Verizon and a 5G, while a website has some feign patron testimonials and an About Us section.

“Welcome to VerHIDEzon. Where we Pay More for 5G…Then Guess Where to Find It. It’s only that simple,” a website reads. “We trust in charging a reward for 5G, though revelation we where you’ll have coverage. We announce cities that have 5G, assign a business some-more to get it, and afterwards leave them wondering where it is. We offer 5G in some football stadiums, though as for where accurately it’ll work in there? Shrug.”


T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray has put adult a blog post explaining because T-Mo is poking fun during Verizon and articulate adult T-Mobile’s possess skeleton for 5G. Ray reiterates that he wants high-band (mmWave), mid-band, and low-band spectrum for a national 5G network and that if T-Mobile is allowed to combine with Sprint, they’ll be means to offer a national 5G network that business won’t have to compensate additional to access.

Verizon has launched a 5G in 10 opposite cities over a past several months, including places like Phoenix, Atlanta, and Detroit. The conduit hasn’t published central maps to uncover where a 5G coverage is accessible in these cities, though it does typically list a tools of city where 5G coverage is available. Verizon also recently deployed 5G in parts of 13 NFL stadiums.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile launched 5G coverage in 6 cities behind during a tail-end of June: New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Cleveland. T-Mo also has coverage maps on a website to uncover where a mmWave-based 5G can be found in these cities.

Source: T-Mobile, verHIDEzon

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