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T-Mobile is behind with new “If 5G Were” comparison

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T-Mobile is behind with another one of a If 5G Were… comparison series. 

This time, a Un-Carrier has motionless to review their 5G network with a rivals by a use of… ice cream! Yes, we review that right– Ice Cream. 

If you’ve been vital underneath a stone this whole time, T-Mobile’s “If 5G Were…” series compares T-Mo’s 5G network with a rivals to that of typical objects. The network provider formerly used ice sculptures and blankets to review their 5G network with a ones offering by ATT and Verizon. And now, they are behind in comparing these with ice cream.

For this leg in a series, T-Mobile went to North Avenue Beach in Chicago and let people select their ice cream: 

  • 4 scoops of Berry Fast 5G – T-Mobile
  • 2 scoops of Basic Blue – ATT
  • 1 dip of Last-Place Licorice – Verizon

And T-Mo even let a visitors get a 5G Scoop themselves.

This is in jubilee with T-Mobile’s new approval for gaining a tip mark in Opensignal’s report and Ookla’s report with a fastest 5G speed and many accessible network in a country. 

It’s sparkling to see what T-Mobile will be regulating in a subsequent comparison series. 


Source: T-Mobile

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