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T-Mobile introduces T-Mobile WFX

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Earlier this week, T-Mobile released a blog post mouth-watering everybody to join a webcast where it will be creation a subsequent large 5G-powered announcement. Now that a proclamation has been made, we’re finally removing an thought on what T-Mo’s subsequent large pierce is about. 

During a webcast, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert took a wraps off of T-Mobile WFX. This comes with 3 new solutions that are designed to help businesses make required changes in a post-pandemic workplace. 

Now that a vaccines opposite a health predicament have rolled out and are being administered to individuals, many are already looking brazen to being means to get their lives behind to normal. And partial of that is to lapse to a office. But if there’s one thing this pestilence has taught us, it’s that things will really change. 

One of a changes that businesses have to get accustomed to is that people are no longer singular to operative from an office. In fact, there are copiousness of opposite collection and technologies that help people work from about anywhere in a world. And this is what T-Mobile WFX and T-Mobile’s 5G network intends to do. 

T-Mobile WFX includes a following:

  • T-Mobile Enterprise Unlimited – wireless skeleton with total 5G on T-Mobile’s network for a same cost as Carrier’s shared, pooled rate plans
  • T-Mobile Home Office Internet – home broadband designed to give remote employees a bandwidth and confidence indispensable to get work done
  • T-Mobile Collaborate – a apartment of mobile-first, cloud-based collection for business calling, messaging and conferencing from probably any device, anywhere

During a webcast, Sievert shared:

“The pestilence pushed a quick brazen symbol on a destiny of work, giving us a decade’s value of swell in a year’s time. And it’s transparent that work will never be a same. Tomorrow’s workplace won’t be anything like a aged work from bureau (WFO) world, and it won’t be like today’s work from home (WFH) world. It’ll be something new: a work from anywhere (WFX) world. And T-Mobile WFX and a 5G network arrive during a right time to help businesses accommodate this impulse conduct on… and come out a other side stronger.”

This new beginning by T-Mobile will really play a large purpose in assisting businesses flower in a days ahead. In fact, 9 out of 10 U.S. enterprises are formulation for a destiny where employees will work remotely during slightest 3 days a week.

With T-Mobile Home Office Internet, users get entrance to a separate, high-security tie that will concede them to be productive. The facilities of T-Mobile Home Office Internet embody a following:

  • 4G/5G broadband 
  • A dedicated router that gives priority to worker inclination and filters non-business content
  • Enterprise-grade insurance that is some-more secure than personal Wi-Fi networks
  • Access to a national network so businesses can cut lax a mixture of informal ISPs and their unsuitable services
  • Simple, easy, cost-effective deployment with a T-Mobile router shipped directly to employees that can be commissioned in minutes
  • Around-the-clock support from T-Mobile 

Upon launch, T-Mobile Home Office Internet will be means to cover over 60 million households, that is tighten to half of all a homes in a country. By 2025, they devise to grow that coverage to 90 million households. 


Another product underneath T-Mobile WFX is T-Mobile Collaborate, a apartment of mobile-first, cloud-based solutions that work on any mobile device, anywhere.

With this, users get entrance to:

  • Enterprise-grade phone complement with cloud coherence that can reinstate your whole bequest business phone system
  • HD Video and voice conferencing but PINs
  • Built-in AI with an AI partner that can take records and follow adult on movement items
  • Built-in formation with heading workspace apps including Microsoft 365
  • Fast, elementary practical designation from anywhere in minutes, saving time and money

T-Mobile Collaborate is powered by Dialpad, an attention personality in mobile-first communication and partnership technology. The partnership has pushed T-Mobile Ventures to make a vital equity investment in Dialpad. They also reason an spectator chair on a company’s house of directors. 


Before 5G, enterprises paid hundreds of millions to conduct their information skeleton regulating estimates. With 5G, T-Mobile wants to help enterprises use this to their advantage. Enterprise Unlimited offers a following perks:

  • Unlimited information during a same or improved cost compared to Verizon’s and ATT’s limited, shared, pooled plans
  • 5G entrance on T-Mobile’s network 
  • The certainty and assent of mind that comes with meaningful you’ll never compensate overages
  • Grateful employees who no longer have to worry that they’ll strike their information extent before they finish their work
  • A loyal work-from-anywhere workforce since T-Mobile for Business skeleton all come with smartphone mobile hotspot data
  • The ability to seize first-mover advantage on next-gen 5G innovations vs competitors trapped on last-gen skeleton and technology

T-Mobile Home Office Internet skeleton start during $90 per line per month. Enterprise Unlimited with T-Mobile Collaborate starts during $37 per line per month. 

You can learn some-more about T-Mobile WFX here

Source: T-Mobile 

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