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T-Mobile gains 5.5 million postpaid business in 2020

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Despite a pandemic, T-Mobile was means to spin 2020 into a certain knowledge for a business. The Un-carrier reported record patron numbers and an feat in a 5G network. 

Earlier today, a association suggested a latest rough report and common that they were means to supplement 1.7 million sum business and 1.6 million postpaid net additions during a final entertain of 2020. Although these numbers forsaken a bit from their July-September performance, they are still flattering good compared to a Q4 2019 performance. 

As a whole, a Un-carrier was means to supplement a sum of 5.6 million business in 2020. Out of that number, roughly 5.5 million sealed adult for postpaid services. This series surpasses a 4.8 million sum additions in 2019 and puts T-Mobile on a pedestal as a series two, fast-growing conduit in a country.

Analysts trust that partial of a reason for this measureless expansion is since of a early 5G care that T-Mobile has over a rivals. In further to this, a Un-carrier continued to offer forlorn deals that were tough to conflict via a year. 

And vocalization of a corner in a 5G network, T-Mobile suggested that they are now means to cover 106 million people with a Ultra Capacity 5G by a finish of 2020. T-Mobile progressing directed to cover 100 million people though has exceeded this threshold.

Great job, T-Mo! 


Source: T-Mobile

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