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T-Mobile confronting another SIM swapping charge

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T-Mobile is confronting another SIM swapping complaint. This time, a censure comes from a Pennsylvania lady who mislaid $20,000 in cryptocurrency due to a mobile rascal scheme. And according to a complainant, T-Mobile was incompetent to strengthen her account.

Earlier this week, Sima Kesler filed a censure in a Pennsylvania Eastern District Court. According to a complaint, Kesler was a plant of a SIM swapping intrigue that took place in May 2020. 

Kesler complained that scammers were means to remonstrate T-Mobile to give them control of a account. Once a comment has been taken over, scammers can accept content messages and even entrance a victim’s accounts that have been related to his mobile number. In a box of Kesler, thieves were means to exhaust her Coinbase account, that had around $20,000 stored in it. 

In her complaint, Kesler purported that her phone stopped operative on May 2, 2020 around 8:00 pm. After an hour, she perceived an email notifying her that her Coinbase cue had been changed. 

When Kesler filed her complaint, a $20,000 cryptocurrency she had in her comment was value over $65,000. 

T-Mobile has not nonetheless responded to this complaint. However, this isn’t a initial fit that T-Mobile is facing. Back in February, a Californian male also purported that he was a plant of SIM swapping rascal and mislaid over $450,000 in cryptocurrency investments. The box is still ongoing to this day. 


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