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T-Mobile explains because some business got a content revelation them it’s Tuesday on a Wednesday

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Some T-Mobile business got a content summary today revelation them it was Tuesday and propelling them to download a T-Mobile Tuesdays app. There was some regard that it could be phishing or something similar, though I’ve now got an reason for what happened.

T-Mobile tells me that this content summary is not a phishing attack. Instead, a conduit explains that a SMS sign for T-Mobile Tuesdays that was sent yesterday was resent currently by default to business that didn’t accept a strange message.

T-Mo says that it’s paused a complement to safeguard that no some-more business will accept a content revelation them it’s Tuesday when it’s indeed Wednesday today.


At best it can be softly uncanny when we accept a content on a Wednesday revelation we that it’s Tuesday, creation we consider you’re not as distant by a week as we thought, and during misfortune it can make we endangered that you’re a phishing target. The good news is that this T-Mobile content summary is a former, so if we perceived a content today, we can safely omit it.

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