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T-Mobile Essentials Unlimited 55 devise offers dual lines for $55, and it’s rising tomorrow

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T-Mobile is mixing dual of a existent skeleton to make a new choice for customers.

Tomorrow, Sep 6, T-Mobile is rising a new Essentials Unlimited 55 rate devise for business aged 55 and up. It’s a some-more aggressively labelled chronicle of the Unlimited 55 devise that T-Mo launched dual years ago, entrance in during $55 per month for dual lines with autopay or $40 per month for a singular line.

The Essentials Unlimited 55 devise offers total talk, text, and information usually like a unchanging Magenta Unlimited 55 plan, yet it does make a few changes to get that reduce cost tag. There’s no 4G LTE mobile hotspot, usually 3G hotspot usage, yet we can supplement 10GB of 4G LTE hotspot for $10 per month. And rather than removing 4GB of 4G information in Mexico and Canada and information and texting abroad like on Magenta Unlimited 55, business on a Essentials Unlimited 55 devise usually get 2G information in Mexico and Canada and texting abroad.

Other facilities enclosed with a Essentials Unlimited 55 devise are T-Mobile Tuesdays and SD video streaming.

One other thing to note about Essentials Unlimited 55 is that distinct a Magenta Unlimited 55 plan, taxes and fees are not enclosed in a monthly cost of a Essentials Unlimited 55 plan.

New T-Mobile business can pointer adult for an Essentials Unlimited 55 devise by visiting a T-Mo store. A current supervision explanation of age is required, like a driver’s permit or passport, to infer that you’re over 55. Existing business can pointer adult for a new devise in-store or over a phone, yet we might still need to yield explanation of eligibility if T-Mo doesn’t have your birth date on record.

Like the unchanging T-Mobile Essentials plan, this new Essentials Unlimited 55 charity is meant for consumers who wish to be connected yet aren’t super complicated information users. In sell for facilities like LTE hotspot, 4G information use in Mexico and Canada, and giveaway in-flight Wi-Fi, business can get a devise with a reduce monthly price.

T-Mobile says that a Essentials Unlimited 55 devise will usually be accessible for a singular time.

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