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T-Mobile earns WELL Health-Safety sign for many of the locations

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Today is a useful feat for T-Mobile as they obtain a pretension as a initial wireless provider to acquire a WELL Health-Safety seal. This sign gives an declaration that T-Mobile puts a health and reserve of both T-Mobile business and employees initial during a stores.

The WELL Health-Safety sign is formed on a new tellurian rating to safeguard spaces and places belong to science-backed standards. T-Mobile has performed a rating for a reserve and confidence measures it has placed during over 3,200 sell stores, 22 patron knowledge centers, and a domicile in Bellevue and Kansas City. 

On your subsequent revisit to a T-Mobile location, keep an eye out for a WELL Health-Safety sign during a entrance. This sign means that a plcae we are entering has upheld a validation of third-party experts on gripping a space sanitized and air-filtrated. 

In further to being a initial wireless provider to acquire a WELL Health-Safety seal, T-Mobile is also a initial to make a 988-emergency salvation immediately accessible to business via a nation for vicious mental health support services. 

“Since a really early days of a pandemic, T-Mobile has been focused on doing all we can to safeguard a business and employees feel healthy and upheld when they step into any of a spaces, and this WELL Health-Safety rating reflects a measureless loyalty to those efforts,” T-Mobile clamp boss of Corporate Real Estate and Facilities, Darcey Estes, said. “As a result, we can acquire business and employees behind into buildings that are healthier, cleaner and safer than they’ve ever been. It feels good to start returning to normal and carrying a in-person interactions we’ve all been missing.”


Source: T-Mobile

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