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T-Mobile business now removing Samsung refurbish that fixes Galaxy S21 camera issues

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It is critical for a flagship smartphone to be means to duty scrupulously on a release. But for Samsung’s latest flagship, a Galaxy S21 series, many users were unhappy with a camera issues. Thankfully, Samsung has taken movement to recover an update. 

When a emanate was initial reported in May, Samsung did a best to repair it with uninterrupted updates. Unfortunately, users were incompetent to get a refurbish during a same time. And to be fair, a emanate not usually influenced a Galaxy S21 indication though all a other phones in a series– a Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21+. 

Users reported that a camera of a device lagged whenever they switched between opposite wizz levels. The phone also stuttered when users browsed by a camera app. 

Samsung has given concurred a emanate and betrothed that they will be addressing them as shortly as possible. And loyal enough, they expelled updates to repair a problem. Some T-Mobile customers, however, had to wait adult to dual months to accept a update.

If we are among a users who are watchful for a update, Samsung’s latest G99xUSQU4AUF5 firmware refurbish comes with camera improvements that residence a issue. There are also some teenager tweaks and a new confidence patch enclosed in a release. The brief changelog includes a following:

  • Performance camera has been improved
  • Overall device opening has been improved
  • June 2021 confidence patch

The refurbish has a sum distance of 400MB. It will be expelled to all T-Mobile Galaxy S21 array inclination in a following days. 


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