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T-Mobile business get YouTube Premium giveaway for dual months

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Many T-Mobile business currently get giveaway Netflix, that can help during a time like this when people are self-isolating and need some entertainment. Now T-Mobile is teaming adult with YouTube to give a business some-more things to watch.

T-Mobile is giving business dual months of YouTube Premium for free. The offer will be accessible starting tomorrow, Mar 24th, by T-Mobile Tuesdays.

Android users will be means to explain a offer by the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, while iOS users will need to go to the T-Mobile Tuesdays website. You’ll need to save a offer by Apr 21st and redeem it by May 1st. Existing YouTube Premium subscribers contingency cancel their use to take advantage of this offer.

After your dual months are up, you’ll be charged $11.99 per month for YouTube Premium unless we cancel.

YouTube Premium lets we watch videos on YouTube but ads and have videos continue to play in a background, like when you’re regulating other apps on your phone or when your device is locked. You can save videos for offline viewing, too, and we get YouTube Music Premium streaming with no ads as wel as credentials and offline listening.

YouTube is a vital source of party for many people, and lots of people are certain to be streaming even some-more videos as they’re operative from home and self-isolating during a coronavirus outbreak. Now T-Mobile business will be means to suffer YouTube videos but being interrupted by ads for dual months, and YouTube Music Premium can offer as another source of entertainment.

T-Mobile also announced currently that it’s giving business a giveaway 4-week online march from Shaw Academy, as we reported final week.

Source: T-Mobile

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