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T-Mobile COO Mike Sievert assured partnership will be completed, though T-Mo does have backup plans

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Some analysts might cruise that Judge Victor Marrero will endorse to retard T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger, yet T-Mo COO Mike Sievert is remaining positive.

Speaking during an financier family eventuality today, Sievert pronounced that “right is on a side” in T-Mobile’s bid to win a lawsuit brought by a organisation of state attorneys ubiquitous and combine with Sprint. “We’re really concerned to see a judge’s verdict,” Sievert went on to say.

Despite his confidence, the soon-to-be-CEO did endorse that he would cruise a allotment with a state AGs. “Of course. It’s never off a table,” Sievert said.

Testimonies in a hearing wrapped adult final month and final arguments are slated to occur on Jan 15th. It’s approaching that Judge Marrero will make a preference in a box in February.

Meanwhile, a news from Fox Business‘s Charles Gasparino says that T-Mobile and Sprint might group with a Department of Justice to interest a judge’s statute if he blocks a merger. There’s reportedly zero set in mill right now, though, since all parties are watchful for Judge Marrero’s preference before creation any plans.

If a partnership is blocked, T-Mobile does have a integrate of backup plans. During a same financier eventuality today, T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter pronounced that if a partnership fails, T-Mo will immediately start a $9 million batch buy-back and that removing some-more spectrum would be a focus. T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray agreed, observant that a conduit would be meddlesome in appropriation C-Band spectrum or 3.5GHz CBRS airwaves.

Carter also hinted that acquisitions of smaller carriers are a probability if a Sprint partnership falls through, observant that there could be some “wonderful synergies”.

The partnership is a large understanding for T-Mobile, carrying been operative on it for some-more than a year and a half, making a understanding with Dish Network, pledging to build new patron use centers, and even teasing 3 new Un-carrier moves if a partnership happens. It’s anyone’s theory how a decider in a hearing will order right now, though, and so it’s intelligent for T-Mo to have a backup devise or dual to assistance it continue to build out a 5G network and contest with ATT and Verizon if a partnership is blocked.

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