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T-Mobile advises users to switch off 5G to preserve battery life

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T-Mobile has silently expelled a tip on how users can save their battery life. Just like Verizon, a Un-Carrier advises a subscribers to switch off their phone’s 5G connectivity when not in use. 

The tip can be found on a support pages for a Samsung Galaxy S20 and S21. It says that to save battery life, users should “Toggle from 5G/LTE to 2G”. In further to this, a support pages also suggest shutting off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS, and even obscure phone liughtness to preserve battery life. 

Samsung also sent out a warning to a consumers in a support page on how their battery life can empty with 5G. The association shared:

“You might notice that your phone’s battery drains faster than common while we are connected to a 5G network. This is a reduction of a stream 5G networks, and will be softened as a networks expand.”

T-Mobile did not respond to requests for a criticism on a advice, though there have been users who forked out a pomposity of downgrading connectivity to 2G to widen a device’s battery life. 

Hopefully, this is a proxy resolution that US carriers will work on in a future.

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