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T-Mobile combined 7 million business in 2019

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T-Mobile skeleton to announce a full Q4 2019 formula in February, though a conduit couldn’t wait until afterwards to share some of a details.

T-Mobile combined 1.9 million business in a fourth entertain of 2019, including 1.3 million postpaid subscribers and 77,000 prepaid customers. This creates Q4 2019 a 27th true entertain that T-Mobile combined some-more than 1 million customers.

Looking during a full year of 2019, T-Mo combined 7.0 million customers, that outlines the sixth year in a quarrel that T-Mo has combined some-more than 5 million customers. That sum includes 4.5 million postpaid and 339,000 prepaidsubscribers.

T-Mobile had 86.0 million business during a finish of 2019.

Today’s proclamation also enclosed some sum on T-Mo’s shake rates for Q4 2019. Postpaid phone shake was 1.01% for a quarter, that is adult 2 basement points year over year though is nearby a Q4 record low. Meanwhile, prepaid shake finished during 3.97% for a quarter, that is down 2 basement points year over year.

We’ve famous for awhile now that T-Mobile has been enjoying some clever expansion in new years since a association has been adding during slightest 1 million new business for 27 true quarters. Still, it’s a large understanding that T-Mo has combined some-more than 5 million new subscribers for 6 true years and finished 2019 with 86 million customers. That’s scarcely double a volume that T-Mobile had during a finish of 2013 (46.7 million), that was John Legere’s initial full year in charge.

T-Mobile hasn’t given us an accurate date for a full Q4 2019 gain release. In a past integrate of years, a full Q4 formula have been expelled on February 7th and 8th, so we could get a full Q4 2019 formula in around one month. Stay tuned.

Source: T-Mobile

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