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Support This: The Heroes Doc

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Guys, there’s a geek-tastic documentary in a works that could unequivocally use your support on Kickstarter! The Heroes Doc by Jere Thomas and Matthew Tyndall is a story of a 30th anniversary of a Heroes Convention, hosted by Shelton Drum, owners of a mythological comic book emporium Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find.

The Heroes Doc tells a story of how a “Emerald City of a East” gathering started in a hotel contention room and has grown to be one of a largest eccentric comic book conventions in a nation. The documentary tells a finish story of a man, a store, a convention, and all a people that make it possible.

Jere and Matt have been following a Heroes group given final August; training a day-to-day operations, examination as they prepared for special events like Free Comic Book Day, and looking during all of a behind-the scenes-action as they get prepared for this year’s convention.

They lonesome a 30th HeroesCon extensively and scored interviewed with Marv Wolfman, a fable behind Blade, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and The New Teen Titans. The Heroes Doc will also underline interviews with Louise Simonson (Power Pack, X-Factor, Superman: The Man of Steel, Steel) and Walter Simonson (Manhunter, Fantastic Four, Thor) and… STAN “THE MAN” LEE!

The Heroes Doc meets Stan Lee

You can also design interviews and appearances with Bill Willingham (Fables) Adam Hughes, and Jonathan Hickman (Fantastic Four). Perhaps a many engaging component of a whole documentary is an in-depth contention with Matt Fraction (The Immortal Iron Fist, The Invincible Iron Man) who indeed got his start in comics by operative during Drum’s Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find shop.

Cully Hamner and Karl Story as good as Phil Noto and comic book royalty, Stephanie Buscema – granddaughter of John Buscema, and grand-niece of Sal Buscema!

The guys have been filming this story for roughly a year now and they could unequivocally use your assistance in creation their dream into a reality. Jere and Matt need $10,000, that should cover costs for modifying and scoring a documentary; as good as, visible effects for a finished film. The guys now have $4,262 affianced of a $10,000 idea on Kickstarter – and they’ve got 14 days to go. If we adore comic books and documentaries, should we unequivocally assistance support this film. we mean, how singular is it that we get all of these titans of a comic book attention in one place to speak shop?

If we haven’t upheld a Kickstarter plan before, a overwhelming thing about it is we get cool, one-of-a-kind prizes and rewards for assisting emanate extraordinary projects. Jere and Matt have teamed adult with a Heroes organisation and artists from a gathering to give divided tickets to subsequent year’s convention, prolongation credit for a movie, and strange art from vital comic artist/writers that we will not find anywhere else!

Whether we oath $5 or $5,000, greatfully revisit their Kickstarter page and make a concession to assistance account an awesome, forever geeky, documentary. If we have any questions twitter a guys during @HeroesDoc or fire an email to


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