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Stuck in Fastboot after unsuccessful FXZ Flash

Droid Bionic secure using batch .905 around OTA. we had an emanate where after we flashed behind to batch when we was going to sell my phone, a foot animation wasn’t a batch one. Long story short, we saw how easy it was to base a .905 OTA update, so we did that and practical a batch foot animation.

I was formulation on holding it to Verizon this morning to activate it, so we motionless to FXZ behind to batch so there wouldn’t be any traces of base when we took it in. I’ve flashed this before though carrying any problems, though something has left wrong this time.

I have a latest RSD Lite (v5.6) and a latest Motorola Bionic drivers commissioned on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit system. we plugged my phone in, started RSD Lite, chose a FXZ file, chose to uncompress and peep and afterwards as shortly as a phone booted into Fastboot Recovery, RSD Lite unsuccessful with a standing of “Failed flashing process. Failed flashing process. 1/15 peep cdt.bin “cdt.bin” – Phone returned FAIL; phone connected”

I’ve accurate a MD5 checksum of a record and it’s a same one we used to peep behind to batch a integrate of months ago before a OTA was released.

Does anyone know because a peep is unwell and what we can do to repair it?


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