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So You Want to Switch to Pre-Paid? My Experience in Dropping a Big Carriers

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We always speak about it, a final straw that would mangle a back. There’s always something that a vast wireless carriers could do to make us leave and take a business elsewhere. Threats however are customarily disproportion until we indeed confirm to take a beginning and switch, yet where do we go outward of Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile and Sprint? Pre-paid carriers have always sounded sparkling to a people sealed into extensive and costly contracts, yet they don’t customarily have a best reputation: rough service, throttling information speeds, a list goes on. Luckily for you, I’ve motionless to dauntless a opposite and pacifist headfirst into a universe of pre-paid carriers. Let’s speak about how it went.

My Background

My family has been with Verizon ever given we can remember wireless use being a vast deal. All-in-all, 14 years of use with Big Red in my family and I’ve famous zero else given I’ve had a phone. Like many of we readers, we am still sticking to a total information devise and a Galaxy Nexus given Verizon hasn’t expelled a phone that we wish to ascent to this year. The reason we am looking to switch is given sincerely shortly college will be over and we am expecting carrying to compensate for my possess dungeon use in a nearby future. As many as I’d like to keep my total information devise with Verizon, we don’t consider I’ll have a income monthly to do so and it could potentially disappear shortly adequate anyway. we tell we this given a preference to switch from one conduit to another is totally subjective, customarily do go by with it if it works for you.

Step One: Choose Your Phone

One of a categorical advantages to pre-paid carriers, other than a price, is a ability to pierce your possess phone into a brew and customarily squeeze a SIM card. The choice of phones from pre-paid carriers are customarily filled with mid-range smartphones that many Android fans would sneer at, so it’s good to have an thought going into it of what we want. You also have to know that wireless bands a phone supports. Some phones customarily support certain bands of HSPA and HSPA+ and that can directly correlate to either or not it will work with certain SIM cards or prepaid carriers.

For a many part, when we are articulate “prepaid” options, we need to concentration on a “unlocked” phone market. We’re also articulate about use on T-Mobile and ATT’s networks given they are GSM/HSPA and accept a bring-your-own-phone approach, rather than Verizon and Sprint that work CDMA networks and have a energy to confirm that phones can bond to them.

It’s no tip that we have a adore event with a HTC One X. This was a phone that we positively adore and authorised it to foreordain that conduit we would go to. The One X facilities a radio that supports a 850/900/1900/2100 Mhz bands for HSPA. These bands customarily collect adult on a HSPA that ATT puts out, not T-Mobile (T-Mo is now refarming their 1900). That eminence right there narrowed my choices of carriers drastically (which we will speak about later) and is given we wish to collect a phone we wish to use initial before we pierce brazen with a rest of a steps.


Step Two: Choose Your Carrier

Now comes a partial that we’ve all been watchful for, a tangible pre-paid carrier. Once we have motionless that radio bands we will be rolling with, be it T-Mobile or ATT, we can make a choice on who we will be giving your income to. Traditionally Straight Talk Wireless has offering SIM cards for both carriers, yet as of recently with a launch of ATT’s Aio, they can be tough to come by. Now, given we unequivocally wanted to use my One X we finished adult shopping a ATT Straight Talk SIM label off of Amazon (risky we know, yet we unequivocally like a One X). Luckily for me we had no problems with a inadequate or stolen SIM label and all worked out good for me when it showed up. Straight Talk however is not a customarily conduit to select from, there are a few some-more to select from:

  • Solavei is another conduit that has been both frequency praised and skewered by many people in a unlocked, pre-paid phone game. They offer a standard “unlimited data, talk, content and web” like all a pre-paid carriers do, yet their cost is $49 per month as compared to a $45 from Straight Talk. Solavei uses T-Mobile’s wireless signals. They don’t have a best repute given they offer an inducement module to their business who impute friends and family members. Should we pointer adult adequate people to Solavei, we can acquire thousands of dollars on a side. As one would imagine, internet marketers and fraud artists have flooded to a MVNO.
  • Aio competence be new to a game, yet with ATT subsidy it there is room for it to grow. Aio’s skeleton operation from $35 to $70 per month and offer 100MB of information adult to 7GB on tip of their total speak and text. If we use all of that, your information will be throttled thereafter until a new month starts. Unfortunately Aio has customarily launched in a few cities so distant given their start.
  • Traditional carriers like ATT, T-Mobile, and Verizon also all offer prepaid plans, yet frequency will we find them giving out total all for a prices we see from those other folks.

These are a pre-paid carriers around a nation that concede we to pierce your possess device. Companies such as Boost Mobile, ATT’s GoPhone module and Virgin Mobile all have sincerely low monthly remuneration programs, yet a preference of phones is dismal. What’s a indicate in violation off from a vast conduit if we aren’t on a phone that we love?

Step Three: Activate your SIM and Use Your Phone!

Once your SIM label and a phone we wish to put it in arrive, cocktail that fool in your phone and activate it. Straight Talk allows we to select to compensate manually any month, or have them assign your check automatically when it is time. Once this is motionless on your conduit of choice, activation customarily customarily takes one phone call and a bit of watchful before your device is adult and running. Occasionally a phone’s radios need indicating in a specific instruction of your pre-paid network, so some tweaking in a settings of your device competence be necessary, yet it’s zero too daunting.

The Good

Low Price, Duh!: The indicate of this whole examination was to save some money. $45 any month for an total volume of texts, mins and information is customarily too good to pass up. Granted a information speeds aren’t LTE (more on that later), HSPA+ and 3G do a excellent pursuit of providing my information when we am not on WiFi. Knowing that we could finish a payments during anytime that we wanted is a good feeling for combined measure. Talking with a owners of my family’s devise (aka my parents) we sat down and looked during a numbers comparing a 14-year old, 4 device Verizon devise to if we all switched to a pre-paid network. We would be saving over $100 any month if we done a switch, and that’s a decent volume of change.

No Contract: It’s flattering gratifying to know that we can finish your agreement whenever we want. If things get parsimonious one month and we need to save a few bucks, it’s as easy as a few clicks to finish your service. You aren’t sealed into a agreement for dual years, if your use sucks we can pierce to another use with a same phone. It’s altogether customarily overwhelming to have that freedom.

Phone Selection: As we’ve talked about before, these carriers that concede we to pierce your possess unbarred phone are overwhelming for Android lovers. See a phone over in a UK or Japan that we wish to use? Just make certain that a GSM bands will work over here and we are all set to go. Nexus inclination from a Play Store work here as well, and that keeps we as tighten to Google and Android as we can get. We’re even saying companies like HTC being to sell their newest unbarred phones directly to consumers in a U.S.

pile o phones

Battery Life: 4G LTE is good and all, yet in a past it certain did a pursuit on a battery life of any phone that it was featured on. HSPA and HSPA+ have decent mobile speeds and don’t destroy your battery as quick as LTE will. Granted, any energy user who is examination YouTube videos all day and streaming song is going to have a low battery life, a disproportion between a dual radios is definitely noticeable.

HSPA+:  Depending on a prepaid conduit we go with, we can see HPSA+ speeds that are on standard with LTE networks. Kellen gave me a screenshots next that uncover off a T-Mobile HSPA+ prepaid speeds he sees on his Nexus 4. The upload numbers might be capped, yet a downloads of around 15 Mbps are zero to giggle at.

solavei speed
(Above: Kellex’s SpeedTests from a Nexus 4 on Solavei regulating T-Mobile bands)

The Not-So-Good

Not LTE: I’m not going to contend that we are marred with a fantastically quick 4G LTE speeds, yet we kind of are. After being on Verizon’s arguable and vast network, transitioning behind to HSPA was a startle to a system. Of march analogous SpeedTests aren’t going to be close, yet customarily removing 3 Mbps on HSPA prepaid when Verizon and ATT can offer 15 to 20 Mbps on LTE is a vast difference. As for an bland test, we used Google Music streaming as a genuine universe example. Unfortunately, given we was customarily on HSPA, buffering took almost some-more time than on a LTE connection.

Another somewhat irritating thing about unbarred phones is that a radios tend to switch between HSPA and 3G frequently. I’ve talked to Kellen about this and it seems to be something that unbarred phones do when brought to a States. It doesn’t describe a phone useless, yet a phone can infrequently get hung in switching between networks before loading your Twitter feed or promulgation a message. You can see it clearly in my SpeedTest images below.

slowspeeds(Above: my many new SpeedTest, a fastest we could get and a altogether list)

Data Throttling: Everything when we pointer adult for use with these carriers promises “unlimited” data, yet low in a excellent imitation of any of them you’ll review that information is customarily “unlimited through amount of data.” Meaning if we use too many information on their network your speeds are going to get cut slower than they already are. we privately never ran into a indicate where my speeds were slower during my time, yet we kept WiFi on many a time around a residence to get improved downloads. Depending on a prepaid carrier, we could see throttling after anywhere from 2GB to 4GB of data.

The Verdict

Is pre-paid right for me? After giving it a exam run for scarcely dual months we feel like a answer is no. As someone who depends on a mobile network for streaming song and video a lot, regulating Straight Talk customarily hasn’t given me a same opening that Verizon has. Another multiple of a prepaid network and phone could produce opposite formula for you, though. The assets in income are nice, yet we don’t consider that they are estimable adequate to clear a trade offs. Sure Verizon isn’t a place to be if we wish all a best Android phones, ATT seems to have taken that spot, yet a dual vast carriers offer a lot that we seem to take for granted.

Does switching to a pre-paid conduit sound right to you? Can we give adult a things we have with Verizon, ATT, Sprint or T-Mo to save a few additional bucks? If we have done a switch, feel giveaway to share your practice in a comments.

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