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Slow Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich Update Frustrates

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The Motorola Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich refurbish recover date, that was ostensible to arrive in early Q3, stays a poser during this point.

Motorola betrothed a refurbish for someday during a early partial of a third quarter, yet it never gave any arrange of clarification as to what it meant by early. Many Droid Bionic owners, judging by comments and email, interpreted that as definition a recover in a month of July.

Q3 creates adult a months of July, Aug and September.

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However, now that Jul has come and left but any arrange of an update, Droid Bionic owners watchful for Ice Cream Sandwich are confused and left to consternation about what accurately Motorola meant by early Q3.


The Droid Bionic ICS refurbish is still slated for “early Q3.”

It’s probable that a association meant by Aug 15th, a accurate center of Q3, yet they could have simply only have pronounced mid-Q3. We have listened that a Droid Bionic refurbish is on lane for a probable recover in a center of August yet Motorola and Verizon have stayed wordless about any arrange of progress.

We’ve also listened that a refurbish should have been out by now, however, the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX ICS updates done certain Droid Bionic owners would have to wait.

Both of those updates were and still are tormented by a series of bugs.

If that’s true, it would have been good of Motorola and Verizon to contend something. Motorola’s Ice Cream Sandwich hurl out page still lists a program as entrance in early Q3, something that is now debatable.

While we had hoped that a word “early” would truly meant that a refurbish would hurl out “early” it now looks as if a mid-Q3 hurl out is what Droid Bionic owners have to demeanour brazen to.

We’re digging for new information and we’ll let we know what we find.

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