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Should Motorola do some-more for DROID Bionic owners?

Long before Motorola rested a RAZR name, another device was being talked about. Around a time that a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) arrived in Jan of 2011, a DROID BIONIC was a sought-after device. As most as another DROID device could be behind then, anyway. While it was denounced in January, Motorola “confirmed” that a device would be expelled to Verizon subscribers someday in a second entertain of 2011.

So, not too distant off a phenomenon date. Good on you, Motorola!

Except that didn’t happen. Looking behind during it now, it’s roughly diverting how bad a launch of a DROID Bionic was handled. It was announced in January, yet it didn’t see a recover until September of a same year. September! That’s not a second quarter, by a way, for those of we gripping track. Basically, a DROID Bionic is one of those inclination that usually shouldn’t have been released, interjection to that extensive delay.

It didn’t assistance that other inclination launched during a same time, that totally put a device to contrition when it finally landed on store shelves. Even other DROID devices. It was bad.

Unfortunately for those DROID Bionic owners out there (there are some out there, and they were indignant adequate to spell out their frustration to a Motorola executive on their Google+ page), it hasn’t gotten any better. In fact, if we wish to decider a device’s success formed on a manufacturer’s promises and estimations, afterwards a DROID Bionic has been a disaster for a whole border of a existence. Which puts a customer, a owner, in a pickle.

It’s not like they can usually get another phone.

Or could they?

I know this is remarkably sad thinking, yet we consider Motorola needs to do DROID Bionic business a solid. They merit it. Really, they do. Not usually did they usually get run over by a recover of this device, yet a support for it, and a promises done for a destiny update, have usually been monumentally mishandled.

My oddity irritated when we saw that a aforementioned Motorola executive, Punit Soni (the VP of Product during Motorola), pronounced that DROID Bionic owners had been given a “raw deal,” and that there was a “plan” in suit for a device. we was indeed very, unequivocally extraordinary to see what they had in mind. In my head, where apparently there is usually sad meditative when it comes to a mobile industry, we graphic Motorola charity adult a bit some-more of a financial bonus towards one of their new devices.

Right now, Motorola is charity adult a $100 credit towards a squeeze of another Motorola device, like a DROID RAZR MAXX HD, if your device isn’t removing Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. we can suppose that, for a briefest of moments, DROID Bionic owners suspicion that they might be means to get a bit of a bonus on a new, improved device, all since of Motorola’s miss of gripping adult with updates for their devices.

That isn’t function now, though. Motorola has fundamentally usually done certain that those folks keep their DROID Bionic, notwithstanding all that has happened in a past. we think, instead, Motorola should be charity adult $150-$200 towards a DROID RAZR HD or DROID RAZR MAXX HD, respectively.

No, it isn’t a price phone, yet that’s apparently not going to happen. It’s a step in a right direction.

Instead, it looks like “the plan” is to usually pull a betrothed Ice Cream Sandwich refurbish to “Q4,” and call it good. No accurate dates. In fact, zero of value has changed. Just, instead of “Q3” it now says “Q4.” Great.

This is usually another instance where Motorola never should have pronounced anything about an refurbish during all. Like we pronounced above, a DROID Bionic never should have saw a release. But, after it did, Motorola never should have pronounced anything about Ice Cream Sandwich. Just leave it alone. Because this is what happens. You have to acknowledge to business that they were given a “raw deal,” and afterwards do zero to unequivocally change it.

I’m extraordinary what we think, Dear Reader, what Motorola should do for a DROID Bionic business out there. Is usually earnest them another entertain for old-fashioned program updates good enough? Or can they do better? Let me know!

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