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Short Cyberpunk Film Review: ‘Ninety Seconds’

Ninety Seconds pretension card

Ninety Seconds
Directed by Gerard Lough
Written by Gerard Lough
Starring Andrew Norry, Michael Parle, Claire J. Blennerhassett
Arcadia Films
Release date: Aug 9, 2012 (limited)

The initial thing we see in George Lough’s latest stirring cyberpunk brief film, Ninety Seconds (watch a trailer next a article), is this quote: “The instrument could be dimmed, though there was no approach of shutting it off completely.” The quote is from George Orwell’s book 1984, that taught us how “Big Brother is examination you” around two-way screens everywhere.

So, we have an thought of a worried places Ninety Seconds might take us. We’re now intrigued by a dark shot by with cold music, nifty graphics, and well-placed blindingly splendid lights. Set in a not-so-distant destiny usually after a unequivocally real-life liaison involving luminary phones being hacked by unethical (the film uses a word ‘desperate’) journalists, a film’s grounds is that this liaison gives birth to a whole new multiply of private investigators called Techs.

A customer with adequate mix could sinecure a Tech to “invade a person’s remoteness in a many impassioned way.” This is what Mark, a categorical character, does for a living. In a initial scene, Mark is being hired by a customer called Philips to watch, listen, and record a each pierce of a dancer named Elly. When we see this movie, that we no doubt will wish to, keep an eye on Philips’ face usually after Mark leaves. It’s utterly chilling.

Another stage shows us that maybe this impassioned hacking business is not such a fantastic thought and maybe that is a unequivocally indicate George Lough is perplexing to make with Ninety Seconds. There is a customer who views notice footage of his mother lovingly nod a male who isn’t him. Disgusted by what he sees, hired hacker Ralfi, Mark’s partner, tells him, “Well during slightest now we know a truth. Information is power, so they say.” However, this knowledge, this power, doesn’t lead to anything remotely edifying. Maybe it’s improved not to know these things until life reveals to us a unavoidable law of who we and a people in a lives unequivocally are. The customer replies to Ralfi, “Ignorance is bliss. They contend that, too.”

Mark after tries to clear to Ralfi what they do for a living. He says they “profit from paranoia,” though says it with small self-assurance that seems to clear his purpose to himself. A few scenes later, Mark reveals his possess paranoia by personally examination Ralfi outward her home with one of those stupid looking listening devices. The tragedy keeps amplifying via a film with shade shots of untrustworthy characters, masked and hooded, combing by what we consider is Mark’s home while Mark busies himself examination Elly. Perhaps Mark’s paranoia is a usually thing he can justify.

All is suggested during a gratifying end of Ninety Seconds. The pretension is taken from a edited footage presented to a client, that generally amounts to ninety seconds after all a tedious tools have been cut out. Filmed in pleasing Ireland and compellingly scored, Ninety Seconds is stylistically appealing. It’s a voluptuous film to watch.

George Lough is also famous for his brief film instrumentation of Stephen King’s brief story The Boogeyman.

Watch a trailer for Ninety Seconds here:

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