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Samsung’s subsequent Galaxy Unpacked eventuality is function on Feb 11th

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Samsung’s subsequent large thing is entrance on Feb 11th.

Samsung currently reliable that a subsequent Galaxy Unpacked eventuality is function on Feb 11th during 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET. The eventuality is holding place in San Francisco, CA, though if we can’t be there, all will be livestreamed so we can watch from a comfort of your home.

So what’s coming? Samsung says that it will “unveil new, innovative inclination that will figure a subsequent decade of mobile experiences.” That’s a bit vague, though a teaser video might give us some improved hints during what Samsung has planned.

In a video, a dual “A”s in a word “Galaxy” are transposed by a integrate of shapes. The initial is a rectangle that looks like the camera strike in renders of a Galaxy S11 (which rumors contend might indeed be called a Galaxy S20). Plus, a timing of this arriving eventuality is identical to a Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S9 announcements in a past integrate of years.

Then there’s a other shape. It’s some-more like a square, and it looks identical to a Samsung clamshell foldable phone that leaked out in hands-on photos recently. It’s got a flip phone pattern that, when opened, gets we a high foldable display.

Which of these dual arriving Samsung phones are we some-more meddlesome in?

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