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Samsung’s ChatON App Makes Its Way To Windows Phone

Samsung‘s cross-platform IM app, ChatON is now available for Windows Phones. Being already accessible on Samsung phones as good as on all vital mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, a app has finally done a approach to WP7. The app fundamentally works like any other cranky height discuss customer and is really renouned with Samsung users, yet not as many as Whatsapp.

The interface has been kept minimalistic with easy to use features. First time users have to register their series and get accurate in a approach identical to Whatsapp, and it’s flattering well-spoken over that. You will have difficulty anticipating your buddies on ChatON, though, as many mobile users currently cite Whatsapp. The app is bundled with neat facilities such as organisation chat, charcterised messages, media sharing, and communication rank.

The Windows Phone chronicle of Whatsapp isn’t a best out there, so ChatON could be a good alternative. The usually barrier for users as we mentioned above will be low numbers, that might make it formidable to find your buddies on this IM client.

What’s bizarre though, is that a app isn’t listed in a web chronicle of a Windows Marketplace. You can, however, conduct over to a Marketplace app on your Windows Phone and download a app.

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