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Samsung West Africa Introduces Two Galaxy Smartphones into a Nigerian Market! Photos of Samsung Mobile Brand

Nicholas Shin (Managing Director, Samsung Electronics West Africa), Sasha, Bankole Wellington (Brand Ambassadors, Samsung Mobile) Daesong Ra (Business Manager Hand Held Product)

On Friday 24th Feb 2012, Samsung Electronics West Africa – a auxiliary of Samsung Electronics Company rolled out into a Nigerian marketplace a latest additions to a Galaxy smartphone array that are a Samsung Galaxy Y Pro and Samsung Galaxy Y Duos .

The Samsung Galaxy Y Pro and Galaxy Y Duos both underline a twin SIM record that maximizes communication coherence permitting twin mobile phone lines and coexisting information connectors on a same mobile device. The record also allows loyal work, life change for users who need to change their bustling veteran and amicable lives.

To yield loyal smartphone capabilities and safeguard amicable consumers suffer softened opening and work on a go, a inclination come with a Samsung Social Hub resolution that allows set adult of mixed email accounts, Samsung apps stores (free mobile apps), Samsung Chat On present messaging solution. To safeguard loyal confidence of device and information, both inclination come with a pCloud service, that allows consumers lane and conduct their mislaid or stolen device over a internet.

Both inclination run on a Android Operating System (OS) that includes full operation of services from Google mobile such as Gmail, Google Map, Google Search, Android Market (with over 250,000 apps), YouTube , Google Latitude and Places (location formed service). Other illusory communication solutions embody Yahoo, Twitter, Skype and Facebook. It also comes with a user accessible interface in Touchwiz UX.

Idorenyen Enang (Managing Director, Samsung Nigeria) said “With a extensive success of a Dual SIM underline phones, we are now really gratified to be introducing a initial Samsung Dual SIM smartphones powered by Android. We have been actively exploring this marketplace and are good wakeful of a need for Dual SIM smartphones. With a Galaxy Y Pro and a Galaxy Y Duos, Samsung will be charity some-more choices for all consumers”

Photos from a launch

Nicholas Shin (Managing Director Samsung Electronics West Africa), Adeolu Akinyemi (Managing Director Avenues to Wealth Limited) Daesong Ra (Business Manager Hand Held Product)

About Samsung Galaxy Y Pro
The Samsung Galaxy Y Pro is tailored for rising professionals essay to keep work and amicable life in tandem. Outfitted with essential business applications in a neat complicated design, a Samsung Galaxy Pro is a rarely fit and modernized communication apparatus for softened capability and softened opening for active users who simply wish some-more out of life.

About Samsung Galaxy Y Duos
The Samsung Galaxy Y Duos is Samsung’s initial affordable full hold shade smartphone with a twin SIM functionality. It is targeted during immature and unsentimental consumers who wish to conduct their bustling day to day life and bustling amicable life. Beyond a twin SIM flexibility, a device is a beautifully designed smartphone with discriminating lead finish. Its ergonomic pattern is complemented by a 3.14” full hold arrangement that provides optimal legibility for a smartphone of the size.

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