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Samsung unveils Chat on 2.0

Samsung has announced a new chronicle of a Chat On cranky height messaging focus that comes embedded with a micro-social networking use called Trunk.

So with a new Chat On 2.0 version, that has a fundamental messaging capability, users can post on other users’ profile. The posts can be texts, images and videos that afterwards can be common among friends and family. Along with that users will also have a choice to criticism on a photos and videos uploaded by users.

The Trunk use is however not an choice to a renouned amicable networking Facebook though during slightest is a step towards a instruction in formulating something bigger out of Chat On rather than usually positioning it as a discuss client.

Sometime behind there was news that Samsung competence also supplement video job trickery to Chat On follower though as it seems a skeleton are on reason for some some-more time or maybe Samsung will exhibit it during a Consumer Electronics Show function subsequent year.

The new Chat On focus also now allows users to discuss with 5 others by multi-screen feature, that by distant is usually authorised by Google Talk.

The use will also capacitate users to share calm posted on a micro amicable networking and share it on renouned amicable media websites such as Facebook and would also concede users to come and criticism on posts right form Facebook for improved amicable media integration.

The use will be rolled out to inclination in a days to come and we positively wish it to supplement some new life to a Samsung Chat On platform.

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