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Samsung S5 ad creates fun of “wall-hugging” iPhone users

Samsung ads have never shied divided from holding potshots during a competitors, quite a biggest rival, Apple. The latest ad for a Galaxy S5 is no difference as it seems to prominence a newest smartphone by creation fun of iPhone users and not unequivocally expounding so many on a features, though concentrating on a battery use instead.

The new ad is called “Wall Huggers,” their pet nickname for those who are constantly plugged in to a wall since of a notoriously brief battery life of a iPhones. The advert takes place in an airport, where they uncover people constantly glued to a wall, and as a exegesis says, “…denied a leisure to suffer even a many simple things.” It also shows Samsung users only going around, eating wherever they want, articulate to whomever they know or wish to speak to, not stranded “until your battery says so.”

The thought for a ad is due to a fact that a Galaxy S5 wants to prominence a Ultra Power Saving Mode, where we can set your phone to use this on 6 applications, including calls, messages and your web browser, when you’re regulating out of juice. In a ad, one of a Samsung users shows that she can still final for 1 day regulating a mode, that also turns a phone black and white. The ad also highlights a removable battery aspect of Samsung phones, that is something that iPhone users have never experienced. (and apparently are confused with)

Samsung formerly mocked a inscription rivals Apple’s iPad, Microsoft’s Surface and a Kindle Fire when it expelled an ad for a Galaxy Pro series, criticising them for several facilities that they were harping on, and Samsung claimed it can do more. They had also formerly run an ad debate for their Galaxy Note 3 and their Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, comparing it to Apple products and observant that size does matter.

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