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Samsung Makes ChatON Available For Windows 6.5

The Samsung Chat ON messaging use initial came out as a opposite to Apple’s iMessage service. The Chat ON app of march is a cross platform discuss focus and is does not shorten a users from communicating between inclination of opposite make. This has done certain that a Chat ON app has a far-reaching user bottom and is flattering successful. With Chat ON we can send and accept messages over a internet, though carrying to compensate for a services to your use provider.
Samsung done a app accessible in a Apple App Store and a Blackberry store though unfortunately for Windows Phone users, not on a Microsoft app store. This also meant that Samsung’s possess customers, a one who were regulating a once renouned Omnia II Windows Phone, were left out though Chat ON. It seems now that Samsung still remembers it’s old, loyal, Windows Phone Omnia II business and has now motionless to make a Chat ON app accessible for Omnia II users.

The Samsung Omnia II was one of a beginning phones running, a now outdated, Windows Phone chronicle 6.1 and was a renouned device though has given has not perceived any handling complement update.

Again, a Chat ON use will work usually with a Omnia II handsets using Windows 6.1 handling system. Also, for whatever reason it might be, Samsung has done a use accessible usually for handsets in South Korea.

All other Windows Phone users who wish to make use of a use to send and accept giveaway messages, can usually wait and wish that Samsung extends a use over to all Windows Phone users including Windows Phone 7.5. This still confuses me. Why would a world’s largest Android intelligent phone builder recover such a good app for Windows Mobile 6.1 users and not for a latest Windows Phone 7.x users? Anyone of we watchful for this release? Anyway, the app can be downloaded directly from here.   

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