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Samsung introduces Ch@t 333 phone

Samsung Electronics South Africa has launched a Samsung Ch@t 333 underline phone.

Samsung Electronics South Africa has launched a Samsung Ch@t 333 (image: Samsung)

The Ch@t 333 is a intelligent follower phone that allows we to discuss with your friends, roller a Web, listen to your favourite song or play sparkling games – simply and quickly.

“While there is a change towards smartphones it is vicious to note that there is still a clever direct for underline phones in a marketplace such as ours,” says Craige Fleischer, Director of Mobile Communications during Samsung Electronics South Africa. “In this shred we are saying that consumers are looking to trade adult – be it for a somewhat aloft cost – to inclination that offer a pattern and functionality that is closely mirrored to that of a smartphone. In fact, these consumers are looking to turn some-more connected and a Samsung Ch@t 333 is designed to accommodate these accurate messaging and connectivity needs in a form of a cost-effective device.”

Despite a price-point, Samsung claims the phone does not cut corners on pattern or simple functionality. In fact, a steel support suggests a demeanour of character that brings to mind a designs of reward devices.

Additionally, a keypad has a childish demeanour and feel, and enables we to absolutely content fast and simply on a go. Available in 3 colours, Ch@t 333 also boasts a FM radio, and a dual megapixel camera to yield a mobile era with a arguable device that offers continual amicable connectivity and a pleasing user experience.

“Consumers adore to be concerned about what’s going on with their friends, family and in their communities. They share ideas and memorable moments. Whether their round of friends are nearby, opposite a nation or on a other side of a world, staying in hold with a Samsung Ch@t 333 has never been easier,” says Fleischer.

Ch@t 333 comes pre-loaded with Twitter, Facebook, and options for downloading present messaging applications like MXit, as good as charity internal denunciation options such as Zulu and Xhosa. The embedded Samsung Ch@tOn App is designed to let consumers simply share messages, images, contacts and calendars with their buddies one-on-one or in organisation chat. The long-lasting battery and Opera Mini Web browser contributes to a good Internet experience.

“This is a arguable device with a smartphone-like interface to emanate connectors and eventually move people closer together,” concludes Fleischer.

The Samsung Ch@t 333 comes during a endorsed sell cost of R599 and is accessible during all heading sell outlets nationwide.

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